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Season 2010: year of all records to Futuroscope.


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Futuroscope has hosted this season 130 000 more visitors than last season, to pass the milestone of 1.8 million visitors. This new rally attendance reinforces the Park as major tourist destination in France.

By 2010, Futuroscope again recorded strong growth in its attendance (1, 825, 000 visitors, +8%) and turnover (87 million euros, +10%) compared to 2009, a performance that supports the continued progress in recent seasons. Net income exceeds 10 million euros (nearly 10% of revenues), the best result that the Park has seen since its opening in 1987.

The levers of success found

Futuroscope is reaping the benefits of a multi-year renewal supply (two thirds of new since 2006), and its dynamic development driven by a new and innovative offers and the talent of big names Art: "Dances with Robots", with the complicity of Kamel Ouali in 2006 "The Future is Wild" combines technology with an augmented reality scenario of evolution of species in 2008 and "Arthur Adventure 4D, the vast new for 2010 designed by Luc Besson. The animation inspired by the universe Invisibles was hailed last November as one of the best 10 attractions of the year in the world, by the actors of the profession, meeting room IAAPA International, held in Florida. "Arthur, the 4D Adventure ‘is now the favorite attraction of visitors.

New partner, new ambitions

In 2010, Compagnie des Alpes (CDA) *, a major tourist recreation Europe, has become a shareholder of the Park, thus reinforcing the positioning, Strategic great parks, great brands, "she now favors. The sealing the official signing new partnership with the General Council of the Vienne, will take place Friday, January 14, 2011 at Futuroscope in the presence of Claude Bertaud, Chairman of the Department, and Dominique Marcel, President of Executive Board of the ADC, and new members of the Supervisory Board.

The dynamics of the Park has also contributed to the decision to establish a Center Parcs** in the Northeast Vienna, which is scheduled to open, according to the Pierre & Holidays in spring 2015. This promotes tourism attractiveness facing stay and an offer of close family throughout Vienna.

The nuggets of the 2011 season

The 2011 season will be launched Saturday, Feb. 12, for a year full of creations and innovations. The sailor and Spokesman of Unesco for the Oceans, Maud Fontenoy, will sponsor the new attraction presented to the general public from April 9. This interactive animation in "real time" will educate public to protect the oceans. Next summer, a new Room 4D immerses visitors in the imaginary travels of The Little Prince Exupery.

"Futuroscope owes its success largely to a unique position in the leisure market, responding to double both fun and educational. With 40 million visitors since its inception in 1987, remains true to its Futuroscope original mission, to discover that what in this is meaningful for the future. said Dominique Hummel, CEO of Futuroscope.

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