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Shooting Galleries: Pan Amusements launches new ‘Sideshow’ compact gallery


The world-leading manufacturer of electronic shooting galleries, Pan Amusements, has launched a new compact 3-player gallery – Sideshow.  

All Pan Amusements’ experience, original design and technology is packed into this new ‘mini model’. It will particularly appeal is to amusement arcades, FEC’s and theme parks looking for an economically priced attraction with a rapid return on investment.

“In the right location all our galleries, whatever the size, frequently return investment within a year, ” says Paul Whittaker of Pan Amusements. “There is no reason why Sideshow should not do this even more quickly. All our galleries are built to last, are extremely reliable and very economic to run.”
Sideshow has fourteen targets including spinning cards, clown’s bowtie, tin cans, stars and spirals and ducks. All targets have sound effects with background music and there is ‘encourage to play’ speech.

The new gallery will benefit from the powerful backing of SEGA which has the rights for sales and distribution worldwide with the exception of the USA. Martin Riley of SEGA comments, “This is a great attraction that compliments our range. It’s wonderful family fun. In contrast to our video games it is an old-fashioned style of entertainment but is amazingly popular. We are very excited to be involved.”

About Pan Amusements

Pan Amusements based in Oldham are the World’s leading manufacturers of animated electronic shooting galleries, novelty machines, dark rides, water animation, and coin operated shooting games or amusements. With over 600 electronic shooting galleries installed across the world and excellent manufacturing skills combined with creative design, Pan Amusements produce only the finest electronic shooting galleries in detailed standard themes. These skills have not only been adopted for shooting games but are also used in the transformation of dark rides. Pan are animated electronic shooting galleries, coin operated shooting games, and coin operated amusements manufacturers for theme parks, specialist retail chains, museums and other leisure outlets. For shooting games, coin operated dark rides, water animations, novelty machines, coin operated amusements or midway games, here at Pan Amusements, we ensure 365 days operation with minimum supervision and maintenance.

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