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Simulation: Flight Xtreme Thrills Young And Old Alike At Otronicon 2010


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The hands on immersive flight simulation experience entertained and challenged kids and adults for four days at Otronicon. Flight Xtreme is now available to museums and science centers around the U.S.  
FX Design Group, LLC introduced its new education directed flight simulator, Flight Xtreme, at the fifth annual Otronicon event held at the Orlando Science Center in January. Flight Xtreme is an immersive simulation game where the pilot must successfully navigate an F18 to land on an aircraft carrier waiting in the waters below. 

“Otronicon was a wonderful venue to introduce Flight Xtreme” commented FX’s Paul Meena, Vice President of Themed Environments. “The rich demographic mix of this gaming generation gave us a deep testing ground for our Sim system. And the data we collected proves out that people of all ages enjoyed the challenge that Flight Xtreme provided them. We learned that over 90% of those who participated in this immersive experience enjoyed the challenge that the mission provided and would visit the Orlando Science Center again” Meena continued.

Otronicon, which stands for Orlando Electronic Interactive Technology Convention, has enjoyed strong attendance each year and 2010 was no exception. More than 60, 000 people have come to the event over the past five years to enjoy hands-on exploration of digital media and interactive technology. “Giving our guests access to cutting edge simulators is one of the keys to Otronicon’s success. We use this event as an opportunity to explore how interactive technology impacts the way we live, learn, work and play and FX Group was a wonderful addition this year. Orlando’s modeling and simulation industry is a world leader and Otronicon is a great showcase for this technology.” JoAnn Newman, President/CEO of the Orlando Science Center.

Flight Xtreme, produced by FX Design Group, in conjunction with their strategic educational and software partner, TEQ Games, both of Orlando, Florida, is a new themed immersive educational environment where kids (and adults) can experience the excitement of piloting a fighter jet using only math and science skills to complete a specific mission. This new flight simulator is a scalable, self contained, fully themed exhibit requiring minimal operational oversight from the facility. Units can be rented from FX Design Group for periods of three months or purchased for permanent installation.

In addition to Flight Xtreme, FX is working on several new and unique traveling and permanent exhibit offerings available in 2010 for the science center and museum marketplace.

About FX Design Group, LLC is an Orlando, Florida based design solutions company with strategic partners, clients, and subcontractors worldwide. FX started out more than 20 years ago as a provider of scenic services for broadcast television and corporate events. Today FX’s unique team brings together experienced ‘top tier’ design, journeymen craftsman, and lighting specialists as well as theme park, media and marketing professionals, all working to create unique solutions for our clients and one-of-a-kind experiences for their viewers and guests.

About TEQ Games: TEQ Games is an Orlando-based company focused on the development of immersive and creative learning applications for Training, Education, and Qualifications that use virtual world game play and simulation technology. The TEQ Games mission is to develop compelling and immersive learning experiences through virtual world game play and simulation technology for the education, military and corporate markets. TEQ Games is focused on creating multi-sensory, immersive learning experiences that challenge and excite students so their time in the classroom mirrors their dynamic, digital lives outside the classroom. 

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