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Special Venue Media: Elumenati Announces Notice of Allowance from US Patent and Trademark Office


The Elumenati, a leading provider of immersive display environments, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of Allowance for The Elumenati’s U.S. patent application for its ‘!theta’ optical projection system and method of use. The ‘!theta’ pixel distribution process optimizes pixel placement and density, enhancing the viewer experience in a fulldome environment by placing higher-resolution images at the focal point of vision.

“Given the prior work that has been done, the US Patent Office’s decision to issue this patent validates the uniqueness of ‘!theta’ technology and its
importance to the field of fulldome production, ” said Dr. D’nardo Colucci, The Elumenati’s Chief Technological Officer. “This addition to our patent portfolio is an important milestone for us as we continue to develop our position as thought leaders in immersive display technology.”

Under the terms of the patent application, the ‘!theta’ process optimizes resolution for images projected through a fisheye lens by creating a higher angular pixel density at the edges of the projected image than at its center. The name ‘!theta’ differentiates the process from the traditional F-theta fisheye pixel distribution, in which the angle between pixels is the same at every point in the projected image. In ‘!theta, ’ the angle between pixels is wider at the center of the image and narrower at the edges. This creates a higher pixel density at the edges of the dome, where the audience’s vision is focused in most planetariums and dome theaters.

The Elumenati’s OmniFocus projection systems all feature ‘!theta’ projection technology, as well as high-resolution, state-of-the-art DarkChip DMD and/or LCOS imaging chipsets, high contrast ratios and a range of brightness from 3, 200 to 20, 000 lumens. For a complete list of OmniFocus projection systems, see OmniFocus projection is a key component of the GeoDome, Elumenati’s turnkey immersive environment for portable and fixed installations – see

About The Elumenati

The Elumenati are a full service design and engineering firm specializing in the development and deployment of immersive visualization environments and
experiences. Creating a broad array of simple yet effective displays, the Elumenati work with a diverse clientele, including educators, museums, science
centers, corporations, art festivals, NASA, and NOAA. In addition to a full range of immersive projection components, the Elumenati offer end-to-end services including systems integration, real-time software design, immersive content research, custom fabrication, and optical engineering, as well as the GeoDome turnkey immersive environment. For more information on the Elumenati, visit

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