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Special Venue Media: Interactive LagoTRIG® installation for Gardaland, Italy


Gardaland is a theme park located in the Italian Castelnuovo del Garda in the Verona region. This second largest theme park in Europe is based on a combination of adventure, dream worlds and a vivid imagination. Spectacular attractions such as Sea Life, Jungle Rapids and Blue Tornado make the park unique and very diverse. These properties and the excellent location near the Garda lake, adds to the popularity of this holiday destination.

The fieldcrew of Lagotronics BV worked several months at the total renewal of an existing darkride. This resulted in a new spectacular attraction, "Ramses: Il Risveglio", or "The awakening of Ramses. The attraction has the largest LagoTRIG®-installation provided up until now. During the renovation, the existing 273 meters long transportation train was renovated, a new scenery was placed spread over seven scenes, and almost all audiovisual equipment renewed.

The supplied target response system has been developed in-house by Lagotronics. It adds an interactive visitor’s experience to the darkride. Through "guns", custom designed for this attraction in the form of flashlights, visitors can "shoot" at various targets. The LagoTRIG®-system responds by
quickly initiating an animation, motion, sound or video. Moreover, points are scored by each visitor. By means of a wireless transmission between the gondolas and the central computer, these data are exchanged. The display that is fitted for every visitor indicates the points scored. This adds a
competitive component to the attraction.

All scenery and effects lighting (mostly led lighting) and all new audiovisual equipment (including flat screens and speakers) are supplied and installed by Lagotronics. These components are driven from the LagoTRIG®-system. LagoTRIG® consists of modules that can initiate a separate animation, motion, audio, video or data signal. The LagoTRIG®-system is really the heart and brain of the attraction.

The control of the system is very simple. The technology of Lagotronics ensures that the overall system does not require complicated or costly maintenance. The status messages that the system generates are communicated through a central display, but also monitored by the Lagotronics
engineering department. Lagotronics is able to log on to central computer of the attraction through the Internet and, if necessary, can provide direct technical support.

This innovative technology has many advantages for the entertainment industry, including cost savings and the creation of unique interactive experiences for visitors. The system is therefore valued for its innovative, modular character.

Some facts about “Ramses: il risveglio”:

• Transport system: endless chain people mover (originally built by Pinfari).
• Track length: 273 meters.
• Number of vehicles: 49 with 4 seats each + 1 ADA vehicle for a disable in a wheelchair and his companion.
• Number of people per ride: 198.
• Max number of people per hour: 1.600.
• Max ride speed: 0, 7 meters per second, adjustable.
• Ride time: 8 minutes approx.
• Interactive system: LagoTRIG® system “Evolution” manufactured by Lagotronics B.V. (The Netherlands).
• Total number of LagoTRIG® targets: 184 (39 red, 68 blue, 77 green).
• Total number of LagoTRIG® guns on board: 198.
• Number of lighting displays on board: 198.
• Number of CPUs for game control: 50 linked via WiFi to a central server.
• Number of LCD: 10 (8 for storytelling and 2 for final scores).
• Total ride cabling: over 15 km of electrical cables are installed.
• Scene ambience light: 83 low power consumption LED lights.
• Number of playable scenes: 7.
• Ambience effects: 4 Hazer light fog machines, 2 fans, 2 conic lasers with a different diameter.
• Sountrack: 11 different songs played in 6 different scenes, 48 interactive effects, 4 ambience audio effects, 1 voice track, all made by SAMPLE (Italy).

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