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Special Venue Media: Virtual Characters Available for All! Animalive Brings New Technology To Attraction Market


Live performance from virtual characters made a reality for all aspects of visitor attraction venues thanks to new technology from Animalive. The first successful application of this technology launched at Butilin’s facilities to great popularity.

Launched last month, the ‘LOONEY TUNES’ show is a brand new theatre attraction showing simultaneously at three Butlin’s Holiday Camp venues in Bognor Regis, Skegness and Minehead locations, in the UK. Offering an amazing attraction that previously would not have need available to venues of this size.

The British family holiday destination installed ‘LOONEY TUNES’ show that brings Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and other characters from the popular family cartoons to life – thanks to new virtual character technology that is based on the Animalive platform that allows performers to control virtual characters in real-time.

Animalive builds on the 15-years experience in gyroscopic technology from sister company Animazoo – this technology allows the movements of the performer to be represented exactly on any CGi character. This hardware builds on similar systems used in production of video games and motion picture sfx.

The live performance show at the Butlin’s mixes amazing onscreen animated characters with real performers seamlessly mixing the two mediums.

Animalive worked in collaboration with Odd Post productions on the show that combined the state of the art technology with their entertainment ideas that bring exciting interactive capabilities that astounds and amaze guests of all ages.

This is the first true application of virtual characters that is affordable and flexible for all sizes of venue and pocket. Animalive has developed a standalone attraction version of their technology called the ‘Chatterbox’ booth – a perfect application for party rooms and other small venues models, bringing virtual characters to life, affordably.

About Animalive:

United Kingdom based Animalive is a joint venture between Animazoo UK Ltd., and Digital Interactive Booth Systems Ltd., created to deliver unique live events and installations. Used worldwide, Animazoo’s award winning motion capture systems have been employed by game developers, movie studios, TV stations, animators and in the biomechanics arena for over twenty years. The latest System comes in configurations, including the ‘Chatterbox DVD’, ‘Live Party room Mascot’, ‘Live Cartoon information kiosk’, ‘Live Museum information kiosk’ and special bespoke applications.

For further information on the products and the company go to  ( or contact Paul Collimore on +44(0)1273417440

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