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Splashtacular Wins Innovation Award for 360rush™ Waterslide


The World Waterpark Association (WWA) Board of Directors announced today that it selected SplashTacular, Inc. to receive the 2011 “Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers” for its 360Rush waterslide.  The award recognizes suppliers who have developed new concepts, products, or services that benefit WWA members, their customers, and the water attractions industry.

“We are truly honored to win this award, ” said Steve Levine, Founder and President of SplashTacular.  “Our goal when creating this ride was to introduce an attraction that offered a thrill ride like nothing else in the industry. The 360Rush does exactly that—while also providing a higher throughput than a standard body bowl.”

The 360Rush is the first waterslide in the world to feature a 45 ft. diameter SplashBowl where two riders “chase” each other.  The ride starts at the top of a 58 ft. tower, where two riders enter 32” diameter enclosed bodyslides through separate launch modules that feature trapdoor floors that  simultaneously open on a 3-2-1 countdown accelerating both riders into an element of surprise.  Speeding down near-vertical slides up to 40 mph into darkness they find themselves transitioning into a competitive chase with the other rider as they circle once, twice, three times or four as they slowly stop in the shallow pool of water at the bottom of the bowl only to challenge the rider to another chase!

“It’s incredible.  It’s fast.  You can really feel the G-forces, ” said Alex Weidman, Vice President of Development and Engineering at SplashTacular.  “There’s nothing like it.”

The first 360Rush waterslide in the world debuted on 4th of July weekend at Spring Valley Beach waterpark in Blountsville, Alabama.  Park CEO Travis Gilliland said that this will be the park’s signature thrill ride.  “Bottom line, this ride will definitely increase our attendance, ” said Gilliland.  “Waterslide fans love it, because this combination of a speed slide, a body slide, and riding with a friend has never been done before.  You can’t do that with any other slide.”

Levine said that the 360Rush is part of an overall company strategy to become a premier provider of signature park attractions.  He credits the company’s success to a hand-picked team of experts that routinely delivers more than they promise to customers across the globe.  His staff is dedicated to treating each of their clients with integrity and passion—no matter what the size of contract.  “Listening to our clients and the general public reinforced and convinced SplashTacular that there was a real need to take water attractions to the next level, ” he said.

In 2007, the company tapped into the creative talents of these hand-picked experts to form a department focused exclusively on new ride development.  Levine and his design team began a series of roundtable discussions that focused on developing rides with one-of-a-kind entertainment value.  They wanted attractions with broad appeal that were cleverly branded and could act as a natural billboard for the park owner.
The result of that creative collaboration was 360Rush, a contemporary take on high-speed thrill rides that allows two people to share the excitement of a wet-and-wild chase.  Delivering a high-energy twist to water ride attractions, 360Rush embodies the company’s visionary approach to water-based entertainment—combined with its 17 years of leadership and innovation. 

“This is a stepping stone that sets us apart from the industry, ” said Jeremy Wilson, a Senior Design Engineer who helped take 360Rush from concept to reality.  “Before 360Rush, we were known for our passion, good customer service, and for growing relationships.  We never lost sight of that, and still go beyond the ordinary to deliver the extraordinary.”

SplashTacular’s next signature attraction is the Double BowlsEye™, an interactive raft experience that allows friends and family to “race” each other down two towering 60 ft. tall enclosed slides in dueling rafts.  Each raft, carrying 2 people, disappears into darkness after being simultaneously launched into 54” enclosed Raft Rides.  Riders chase each other into a SplashBowl with two different exit systems.  The ride is another “world’s first” for SplashTacular. 

“We’re going to take this concept to the next level with the Double BowlsEye, ” said Levine, who said that this ride will join 360Rush as part of the company’s family of signature attractions.  “This is truly a family entertainment experience.”
About SplashTacular
SplashTacular, Inc. is the largest waterslide manufacturer in the U.S. and winner of the World Waterpark Association’s prestigious Innovation Award. Since 1994, the company has built more than 1, 000 waterpark attractions, including 3, 000 waterslides, in destinations throughout the world.

About SplashTacular

SplashTacular designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs signature waterpark attractions that maximize attendance and throughput.  The award-winning 360Rush™ is a patented, 58-foot-tall dual waterslide that delivers two riders simultaneously into a 45 ft. diameter bowl at speeds of up to 40 mph.  The Double BowlsEye™ is an interactive raft experience that allows four friends to “race” each other down two towering 60 ft. tall enclosed slides in dueling rafts. 

SplashTacular prides itself on delivering waterpark experiences that create unforgettable memories for families and generate revenue for park managers.  Corporate offices are located in California, with operations facilities in Kansas and Texas. For more information, call (800) 844-5334 or visit

CONTACT BJ Johnson, Director of Marketing
(800) 844-5334, ext. 700
102 W. Kaskaskia, Suite 201
Paola, KS  66071

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