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Sydney Aquarium Visitors Take To The Water With Sharks


The new ‘Shark Explorer’ puts visitors on the surface of the Aquarium’s stunning Great Barrier Reef exhibition – teeming with more than 10 sharks and thousands of fish.

During the 10-minute ride, visitors have a crystal clear view of the marine life below them in the largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world.

Launching the Shark Explorer, Sydney Attractions Group CEO Kevin Bush said the ride gave visitors an amazing opportunity to get even closer to the creatures of the reef – including sharks more than three metres long.

"With the Shark Explorer boat being just over four metres long, it’s really an incredible experience to see sharks almost as long as the boat you’re in, circling around you. You sense the fears of many a ship-wreck survivor." Mr Bush said.

Shark species in the Reef exhibit include lemon sharks, black tip reef sharks, leopard sharks and many more.

The exhibit is also home to scores of other species from spectacular shark rays, shovel nosed rays, through to wildly-coloured trigger fish.

One of the most popular features at the Aquarium, the Great Barrier Reef exhibit is more than 30 metres long and holds 2.6 million litres of water.

The award-winning Sydney Aquarium is the most popular paid tourist attraction in Australia,  attracting more than 1.2 million visitors each year.

The ride will be available every day during these school holidays. The Sydney Aquarium Shark Explorer boat ride seats 8 people and costs $10 for adults and $15 for children aged 15yrs and under.




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