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The Goddard Group in Asia and Europe: Mega Resorts and Theme Parks

shenfu New Town Ring of Life theming

California-based designers, The Goddard Group have announced a number of upcoming projects which complement the existing global attractions built by Gary Goddard’s company. The Goddard Group plan the construction of mega resorts such as casinos, retail destinations and theme parks across the world, from concept through to master planning and schematic design.

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The Goddard Group will be working on a number of projects in various countries including Russia and China, further cementing their reputation as world leaders in the entertainment industry, following the successful opening of the $ 1.9 Billion “Galaxy Macau” Mega-Resort, designed by The Goddard Group.

Gary Goddard Group design masterplan for Victory Park,  Armenia

The first of these include the construction of Magic World in Russia, an exciting fantasy concept spread over 600 acres and encompassing multiple theme park concepts as well as hotel, retail outlets, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Magic World is the result of a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Russia and a consortium of Californian companies such as Moschanko Investment Group, Gary Goddard Entertainment Design, ProFun Management Group and (it) Brand Studios.

Magic World Russia is expected to attract around 10-12 million visitors a year and Gary Goddard Entertainment Design has been retained in order to oversee the entire project.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Magic World Russia California consortium, ” Goddard says.

“It has the kind of grand scale and unique creative concepts that drive our imagination and compel our involvement. To be at the center of Russia’s first world class theme park is both an honor and an exciting challenge.”

In Armena, the Goddard team will be working closely with capital city Yerevan’s mayor in order to redevelop the city’s largest central park. Goddard Group are already working on the planning and design of Victory Park (left), which is expected to result in a world-class entertainment venue, with a variety of rides and attractions.Gary Goddard Group design Fushun DreamWorld Theme Park,  Hotel & Resort,  China

A new ocean front family resort is planned for China too. Qingdao, on the northeast coast is already being worked on by Goddard designers to bring a resort that features more than two dozen ocean-themed rides on a modern complex featuring hotels, restaurant and entertainment facilities, as well as extensive retail outlets.

Also under construction in Fushun, China is a huge theme park that has seen Goddard Group spend the last three years in development. Fushun DreamWorld Theme Park Hotel and Resort, is expected to feature six lands and more than twenty attractions based on popular stories and genres.

Close by in Shenfu New Town (see image top) Goddard are planning a massive 100 metre ‘Circle of Life’ construction around two lakes which will serve as the city’s icon. This has been achieved by collaboration between the local government, development agencies and Goddard.

The Goddard Group completed another Chinese resort earlier in the year; Galaxy World Mega Resort, Macau (see image right) opened its doors in May to instant critical and popular acclaim. This followed the selection of Gary Goddard and The Goddard Group in 2006 by Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG).

GEG commissioned Goddard to help them ‘reimagine’ their mega resort, which eventually became a $1.9 billion casino resort. The Asian themed resort was designed with a ‘palatial’ feel and was created to inspire “a true tropical paradise built upon a mythical world steeped in Asian spirit.”

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