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The technology for tomorrow’s Interactive Dark Rides is now available from Alterface


At the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2008 in Orlando, Alterface will present a new technology that opens the way for smart interactivity in Dark Rides. Thanks to its unique approach to video detection of targets, this portable, simple, reliable, flexible and affordable technology will revolutionize Dark Ride scenarios and scenery. 

Alterface, a Belgian company specialized in interactivity, will for the first time in the United States present a new technology that allows Dark Rides to benefit from the techniques that Alterface has developed for its CinemAction interactive cinemas. With this application for Dark Rides, it is as if the seats become mobile and the giant screen covers all the scenery. The basic principle is identical: the game unfolds in interaction with the projected images, the targets that are hit score points, a ranking is established, and special effects and the sound track immerse an entire group of players in a world that stimulates their senses.

The CinemAction/P (P stands for pedestrian) revolution

This revolution is based on two unique concepts developed by Alterface: a wireless interactive module, and the video detection of predefined and very varied targets, both physical and virtual. This interactive technology can be quickly set up for a new Dark Ride or be made interactive for a traditional, existing Dark Ride. Moreover, the costs and times are reduced considerably.

The system may also be recycled after a few seasons for use in other scenery and other scenarios. This further enhances its excellent return on investment.

Everything is possible

“Alterface offers a full range of technologies that can be combined together to provide, on request, CinemAction in 2D or 3D images, an Interactive Dark Ride, an interactive presentation for museology applications, and so on, ” says Benoit Cornet, CEO of Alterface. “Each technological component is now mature, opening up unlimited possibilities in terms of scenography, strategy and mobility.”

This technology has already demonstrated some of its potenial with the IDR Reset: Anno Zero, which made the headlines last Summer in Italy when launched at the Mirabilandia park.

Three construction sites underway

With Alterface’s Interactive Dark Ride Portable, theme parks of every size and Family entertainment Centers in urban areas can now offer their visitors something genuinely new, combining the latest technologies with the pure and ever-popular pleasure of a shooting range.  

Everyone benefits:

•    The managers who, for a reasonable outlay, can launch something genuinely new within very short periods of time
•    The scenographers who can integrate diverse and dynamic targets which will not disturb the scenery
•    The screenwriters who will be able to integrate into their storyboard the players’ freedom of movement and possibilities for group collaboration or 
 strategic movement
•    The visitors-players who will discover a new generation of Interactive Dark Rides by becoming the actors in a real game that can be compared to those in which they move around virtually on their PC or home game console!

“Three installations of this kind are now being installed in Dubai and the professionals are showing great enthusiasm for them, ” says Benoit Cornet. “The developers will really be able to let their creativity run riot.”

Come and discover tomorrow’s technology for Interactive Dark Rides at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2008 salon to be held in Orlando, USA from 18 to 21 November – Alterface: booth 5610

For further information, high-definition illustrations or an interview with Benoit Cornet, CEO of Alterface, contact Olivier on +32/ or e-mail: 

For more information or illustrations, visit our website:

To see a demonstration video of Reset: Anno Zero, click ont this link:

About Alterface

Founded in 2001, Alterface develops, markets and implements interactive entertainment and/or edutainment solutions. Initially a spin-off from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), Alterface today has 25 employees at its headquarters in Belgium and an office in Los Angeles (USA). Its exclusive technology and expertise enable Alterface to position itself as a key contact for its many clients, theme parks and museums, located all over the world.  Discover Alterface’s know-how by visiting the website:

Picture featured is: Reset Anno Zero, launched June 2008 at Mirabilandia, Italy. Alterface brought interactivity to this Dark Ride.

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