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The “World’s Biggest Stunt Show” Grows Even Bigger


Mirage Entertainment and Chimelong Paradise add to “Danger Island. The Island is getting more dangerous…

Rehearsals have begun in Guangzhou, China for the 22 minute action-stunt show based on a revolt within a futuristic mining colony. The original cast is expanding from 15 to 27 and the new script adds freestyle motorcycles and an exciting new motorcycle fire slide to an already packed list of stunt vehicles, stunt fighting, special FX and pyro. The new show is set to open May 1st, 2008 and will run through April 31, 2009. This extended contract represents the second phase of the project.

“Before the revision, there was an effect every 27 seconds…now we have something exploding, catching on fire or falling over every 23 seconds, ” reports Director Tim Lowry. “The action sequences are more frequent and the cast has nearly doubled.”

Mirage designed and built the 4, 500 seat aqua-stadium in four months prior to opening in February 2007. The construction project included dredging a lake within the Chimelong property. The stage is 300 yards wide and includes a boat ramp, a jet-ski ramp, a submarine, a crashing jet, multiple slides for life, exploding towers, break-a-way walls and variable depth pool to accommodate the myriad of high falls and dives the Mirage team performs.

Mirage also built performer housing backstage where the cast enjoys on-set living accommodations, a cook, a house-keeper, a screening room, pool tables, ping-pong tables and a gym. Mirage has recruited top stunt and extreme talent from around the world to perform in “Danger Island”.

About Mirage Entertainment, Inc:

Mirage Entertainment produces live entertainment worldwide, from one-time events to long-running live-action performances. A full list of types of productions, along with video clips is available at

Mirage is a U.S.-based company with offices in Taipei and Shenzhen with plans to open an office in Dubai.  

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Mirage Entertainment, Inc.

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