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Theme Park Consultants: Theme Park Speeder, Hovercraft Racer, Science Fiction Speeder; Air Cushion Vehicle; hovercraft race track; motorsports speedway; UFO alien adventure; extreme sports; Rescue – A Basic Service


Our company has developed and patented a revolutionary small and light air cushion vehicle (ACV) with a unique propulsion and steering system. All Walker Speeder Challenge Park, aka (Science Fiction “Flyer”) Request from and we shall send full theme park race track description. 

The brief overview of the “All Walker Speeder Challenge Park” Hyper-Active Role Playing Game: This is the foundation of a whole new recreational entertainment market. I strongly believe that people of all ages will want to experience the All Walker Speeder challenge over and over again! Did you see A Basic Service’s Video on Blooloop ?

Each All Walker Speeder holds one Player. Any Young Person to Adult can operate the All Walker Speeder and learn to play. The machine rides on a “bubble” of air but unlike older types of “Hovercraft”, this one has “Super Maneuverability” allowing it to quickly change direction and speed. Enclosed in the Cockpit the Player or All Walker Speeder Commander is safe from all harm. Each All Walker Speeder may be equipped with two (2) “Tagging Cannons” that launch “paint ball pellets” using rechargeable compressed air cylinders OR Outdoor Laser Tag Taggers. There are two (2) “Joy Stick” controls that operate the speed and direction of the All Walker Speeder. Each Joy Stick may have a “Trigger Switch” that activates one Tagging Cannon. One push equals one “Shot”.

The paint ball is harmless fish oil with a vegetable base food coloring. They are 100% natural and biodegradable. The paint ball is aimed at one of six (6) “Targets” located around the exterior of the All Walker Speeder body shell. They are connected to electronic sensors that, when all have been “hit”, causes the engines to shut down. The Player is defeated and the “scoring” All Walker Speeder Commander is declared the winner!

The Playing Field is set up in many ways and levels of complexity and skill. The combinations of Play are endless! New “Challenges” can be created on a regular basis to keep the Players attracted and wanting more! Because the All Walker Speeder is environmentally friendly to operate they are welcome in any geographic location. All Walker Speeder Challenge Parks can be set up in Cities, Suburbs, and Rural areas. Inside and outside All Walker Speeder Arenas are possible. The Player Scenarios are endless.

This is a VERY unconventional Role Playing Action Adventure Game. It combines the hand and eye coordination skills attributed to playing “video games” with real world action adventure! Unlike “virtual reality games” common in homes and arcades, the All Walker Speeder is a reality based interactive game! When you move a lever or push a button, something REAL happens! You control the actual direction of the All Walker Speeder! When You point your All Walker Speeder in the direction of an Opponent and push the Trigger Switch, a paint ball is projected and, with some skill and luck, it will “hit” the Target! Action and Reaction! Cause and Effect! Real “Reality”! What a concept!

There is NO other Action Adventure Game in the world like All Walker Speeder!

The All Walker Speeder is designed and built to the highest quality of engineering and construction. This is NOT a “toy” but a serious machine capable of rough and tuff action adventure. You would be hard pressed to cause it or yourself damage! The skill level to operate a All Walker Speeder is between a go-cart and a carnival bumper car ride! Only two (2) hands are required for safe operation. State of the art technology keeps the noise levels down and the fuel economy and reliability high!

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