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Theme park Toverland celebrates 10th anniversary!


 Theme park Toverland celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since the opening in 2001, the park has grown tremendously. Visitors in the park during the anniversary weekend are treated to 10 magical moments.  
Toverland 10 years!

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Theme park Toverland opened its doors on May 19 2011, for the first time its doors to the public. The concept proved to be a great succes, this resulted in the opening of a second hall in 2004. In this hall, visitors were introduced to a spectacular bobsleigh, log flume ride and many other family attractions. Outside was a world first roller coaster opened, namely the Booster Bike.

Late 2007 Toverland opened its ‘flagship’ Troy, the biggest, fastest, highest and longest wooden roller coaster in the Benelux. In 2008 Toverland decides it is time to live up to name with the opening of the Magic House. In this magical home, the magic is in your hands, visitors can wave a magic wand to find hidden magical effects.

In 2010 the park expanded with Scorpios, a swinging ship and the Horses of Ithaca. Also Toverland was voted to be the best amusement park in the Netherlands by the consumer program TROS Radar.

In ten years over 4 million visitors passed the gates of Toverland. “We can be proud that we have been able to deliver so many visitors a magical day in 10 years” said director Caroline Maessen. This year Toverland celebrates its 10th anniversary with a magical anniversary weekend, and a renovation of the first hall. The first hall, Land van Toos, will be entirely themed Oriental.
 ’10 Magic Moments’
With the 10-year anniversary Theme park Toverland tackles the big time. On 3 and 4 June, visitors are treated to 10 magical moments in the park.

Visitors meet the green fairy of Medusa’s World that will bring all the trees of the Magic Forest to life. The theater act ‘Elves Whisper’ takes visitors into the special world of Elves and Unicorns. The unicorn horses are coming straight out of a fantasy world. The Fool has his own thoughts and one talent … clowning around!

Wheel of Fortune guarantees an exciting game with beautiful magical prizes. The table magician tries to fool the visitors with many inexplicable magic tricks. Patrick PickArt hypnotist brings a spectacular show with audience volunteers under hypnosis, to demonstrate the interaction between the conscious and unconscious.

Toverland Events presented in 2010 a successful theatrical concert "It’s a Kind of Magic" in Theme park Toverland. The biggest hits from this show will be performed live, it’s a musical adventure for the entire family.

Also the taste is catered for visitors can sample delicious appetizers and cocktails enchanting. Artists bring a hot scene with their breathtaking fire spectacle. On both days the celebration closes with a enchanting fireworks show, the perfect end to a magical day.


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