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Theme Parks: Disneyland Paris offers free Android app.


 Disneyland Paris, the leading European themed tourist attraction, have announced that they have extended their popular free iPhone application to the Android platform.

The iPhone application proved to be a huge success, with 700, 000 downloads and 30 million page views. Now that it is also available for Android, the leading mobile operating system in the world, Disneyland Paris expects download figures to reach one million quickly.

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The Disneyland Paris Android application is designed to help users prepare for a visit to the resort and is intended to be a user-friendly and interactive guide, with optimised browsing for rapid access to Disneyland Paris information.

The application is available in both French and English and allows potential visitors to perform a number of tasks before their visit to the Euro Disney resort. Guests will be able to obtain information on park and hotel descriptions, timetables, attractions, shows, dining and much more before they even set foot in the park, or even France itself.

disneyland paris logo theme parkAndroid and iPhone users alike will also have the ability to check admission rates, special offers and contact the reservations office direct in order to book hotel rooms, restaurants and shows.

The Disneyland Paris app also offers the opportunity for visitors to fully customise their visit, according to their individual requirements, using organisational tools and guests will have the opportunity to watch videos of the latest news from the theme park.
Once on site, guests can use location services to check ride waiting times, set reminders for events, find certain types of attractions and much more using the interactive map and search engine embedded into the app. The search facility also allows guests to search by price and category, making it easier to budget and find their way around.

Whilst the Android app has not yet reached the popularity of the iPhone version (13% Android, 22% iPhone), Disneyland Paris say that the new application will “enable even more guests to share the magic of Disneyland Paris”.

The resort has an enormous local presence with around 14, 000 “Cast Members” working at the Paris site. Disneyland Paris is the number one employer in the region and its employees perform more than 500 different roles.

Disneyland Paris workers also represent more than 100 nationalities and speak 20 languages; the resort has had a significant impact on the local economy, generating a whopping 56, 000 direct and indirect jobs in the Paris region. 

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