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Theme parks: First Appearance in Japan at Universal Studios Japan


Universal Studios Japan will welcome as the newest member to the Park – Abby Cadabby, who has quickly become a very popular character in U.S. as the newest member to Sesame Street In celebration of Abby Cadabby’s launch at Universal Studios Japan, a specialty shop, ‘Abby’s Gourmet Gifts – That’s So Magic’, offering Abby merchandise will be opened in the Hollywood Area of the Park on July 9.


Particularly targeting the fashion- and trend-conscious young female demographic, “Abby Cadabby” is a girl character who is sure to delight guests visiting the Park with her charming cuteness as she greets and shakes the hands of Park guests. 

About “Abby Cadabby” 
“Abby Cadabby” is an inquisitive three-year-old fairy girl who has been rising in popularity since making her first appearance on the beloved international children’s program, “Sesame Street, ” in August 2006. Abby’s trademarks are big eyes, pigtails, small wings and a magic wand. She is practicing diligently as a fairy-in-training. Her name “Abby Cadabby” is from the magic word “Abra Caddabra”.

Abby’s popularity in the U.S. is extremely high. In August 2006, she was named ABC News’ “Person of the Week” and introduced as “Sesame Street’s new star.” Furthermore, she ranked in the top 15 in the character recognition ranking of “Market Evaluations Fall 2007 Cartoon Q Survey, ” which is a survey evaluating the recognition of characters from various TV programs.
In the same year of 2007, Abby also appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, held annually in New York City at Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November).
Taking part in this parade, which features well known and loved popular characters, is an indication of Abby’s great popularity. 

Japan’s First Specialty Shop Offering Abby Merchandise, “Abby’s Gourmet Gifts – That’s So Magic, ” to Open on July 9! 
In celebration of “Abby Cadabby” joining in the Park, a specialty shop offering Abby merchandise, “Abby’s Gourmet Gifts – That’s So Magic, ” will be opened on July 9 (Wednesday). The shop based on the image of Abby’s magic room is decorated in bright colors using plenty of purple and pink perfect for a fairy girl. Within the shop, guests will be able to enjoy Abby’s magical world view. The shop is scheduled to offer a line-up of approximately 100 kinds of merchandise, including adorable Abby plush dolls, accessories and stationery.

 At Universal Studios Japan, “Fantastic World, ” a musical fantasy that opened on March 18 this year, and “Happy Harmony Celebration, ” a spectacular parade show where guests have the chance to meet popular characters that will be marking its final showing on June 29 this year, are drawing great popularity. Moreover, “Universal Water Parade, ” a summer-time-only parade featuring popular Park characters and utilizing water that received rave reviews also last year, will be held from July 10 (Thursday) to August 31 (Sunday) and with much more in store, Universal Studios Japan is delivering fantastic impressions on guests with its array of special programs, not to mention attractions.

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