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Theme Parks: Green Britain Day to kick start Crealy’s countdown to carbon neutral


Green Britain Day on the 10th July marks the start of Crealy’s countdown to being carbon neutral by 2010.
EDF Energy have organised Green Britain Day to focus on improving the environment by encouraging individuals, whether eco-beginner or eco-warrior to work together for one common goal: the fight against climate change. 
EDF’s Team Green are holding events up and down the country starting at the Eden Project.
Angela Wright, Managing Director, MBE said, “One of Crealy’s main aims is to promote an understanding of farming and our environment, therefore it is only natural that we place such high importance on sustainability. Crealy is committed to sustainable tourism, as it is vital to the future of tourism in the UK and abroad. We have been working towards being carbon neutral for over a decade so this is a very exciting year for us.”
Visitors to Crealy share the Park’s enthusiasm, as Guest Survey results show that 97% of guests support Crealy’s environmental efforts, particularly their aim to be carbon neutral.
Crealy has founded a staff ‘Green Team’ working in conjunction with Environment Consultants and suppliers, many of whom are located within the Westcountry.
The visitor attraction is committed to being carbon neutral by 1st April 2010.
Crealy’s efforts so far have been recognised by the Green Tourism Business Scheme which awarded Devon’s Crealy a silver award and Cornwall’s Crealy a bronze. GBTS is a highly respected award set up specifically to promote sustainable tourism.
Crealy partners with other Green Tourism Business Scheme award winners and local suppliers promote local accommodation and Devon as the UK’s destination of choice.  Crealy’s recent efforts include growing their own fruit and vegetables, offering fair trade products and local produce. Visitors to Devon’s Crealy will notice an increasing number of trees over the coming year, with 37, 000 being planted in 2009 alone.,
Crealy works with the International Tree Foundation, The Carbon Trust, Envision and the Devon Environmental Business Initiative to ensure ongoing reductions in energy usage. Crealy’s mission to protect the countryside for future generations spans all aspects of the business in terms of energy saving and staff training. The implementation of Crealy’s Environmental Policy has led to increased recycling and major energy savings, with the Park’s annual electricity consumption reduced by 10% and water consumption by 15%.
The attractions website will feature a countdown to being carbon neutral starting on Green Britain Day.

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