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Theme Parks: Jora Vision produces Theming at Futuroscope 4D Attraction


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4D attraction in themepark Futuroscope in France uses new techniques 

Futuroscope is one of the most appealing themed amusement parks in France. Visitors are plunged into the future, into a world 50 years from now. In Futuroscope, annually over two million visitors experience a variety of science fiction attractions.

The latest attraction, the 4D experience “Arthur and the revenge of the Maltazard, ” is based upon Luc Besson’s movie with the same name. The theming was produced by the Dutch Company Jora Vision, a company specialized in developing and producing themed attractions.

The end result is so detailed and unbelievably realistic, that visitors really believe they have entered another world.

Last year Jora Vision was awarded the prestigious Thea Award for the development of a themed mini golf course in Park Molenheide in Belgium. And in achieving this latest stunning result in France, Jora Vision has placed itself once again in the international spotlight.


At Jora Vision, designers and constructors worked at length and with great enthusiasm in creating quite a new world in the heart of the new 4D attraction.  The result is a uniquethematic tour de force, which has not seen the likes of it anywhere in the world.

Also, while waiting in the queue, visitors can play all kinds of interactive games, for example, they can measure their own weight in a special Minimoy way, and they learn to write their names in Minimoys, the language spoken in Arthur’s world. Through the futuristic and realistic environment the visitor undergoes a unique experience, causing him to wonder whether he really finds himself in the future world, or only in an attraction.

Words of praise
The thematic tour created by Jora Vision has made a great impression on the staff of Futuroscope. It was received with great enthusiasm. According to the management the scenery is so complete and detailed, that visitors identify themselves completely with the heroes in Arthur’s story.

Jan Maarten de Raad, Board Member of the TEA, and CEO of Jora Vision, is extremely satisfied with the successful completion of this new and innovative project: ‘Theme parks areincreasingly looking for attractions with a built-in experience to let their visitors believe, if only for a few hours, that they have entered quite another world. I am proud that Jora Vision has significantly contributed to this fantasy world. Not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world.’

For more information please contact:
Marjolein van de Stolpe
Director Development and Design Jora Vision
Tel: 071- 4026747
GSM: 06-28130040

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