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Theme parks: Kudan offers amazing new augmented reality services


Specialising in mobile digital marketing utilising augmented reality (AR), Kudan, part of the Clifton Cowley Group, is now promoting exciting new marketing solutions to the theme park and visitor attractions industry.

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AR is the technology of injecting digital information into the view of the real-world environment. Kudan’s solutions for the theme park and visitor attractions industry are aimed at deploying, enhancing and improving the following areas – customer acquisition, customer retention, innovative and interactive content for park information, fun games and activities for adults / children, as well as cross selling park products and services.
With the majority of the UK population owning smartphone or tablet technology, there has never been a better time to develop AR solutions for theme parks and visitor attractions.

Augmented reality enables innovative marketing techniques not previously available; it perfectly integrates physical and digital marketing.  Also, AR on mobile can introduce whole new digital attractions to leisure parks, not competing with games and animation, but turning the park into a themed park digitally.

Kudan offers a range of brand new marketing opportunities to parks and attractions through its highly developed and proven AR solutions.

Customers simply need to point their phone or tablet at various areas of the theme park to receive rich content, activities and promotions. This technique has been proven to establish retention as well as enhancing engagement. AR is excellent for cross-promoting products and services and can be delivered before, during and after customer visits.

Keen to talk to theme parks and other visitor attractions

Loyalty cards can also be created to provide visitor discounts by collecting loyalty points on mobile devices. When a guest leaves a venue, additional marketing offers can be sent enabling the park to encourage further visits while also collecting peoples email address’s for future marketing purposes.

“We are keen to talk to theme parks and other visitor attractions to hear from them what they would want from a mobile solution, ” explained Kudan’s Managing Director Tomo Ohno. “We would then build a custom package which would be the best for that venue and would enhance the visitor experience in a number of different ways.

“The app should be free and offer some fun without a cost so that people are encouraged to download it in the first instance, ” he went on. “You could also offer a discount at the gate if the guest downloaded the app. They would then have a whole host of new, fun activities to utilise during their time in the park while also being able to download photos after the visit to place on their iPhone, YouTube, Facebook, etc, all of which, of course, helps to promote the park or attraction venue to others viewing the images.

“The true value of the system is behind the business / marketing side, ” Ohno continued. “With smart phone technology you pretty much know who you are speaking to while you can also track people to see who is looking at what, when they did something and what they did, all valuable information for marketers. It’s a great way for a park or company to update their marketing strategy and for them to differentiate themselves from the competition, as well as enhancing on line sales and secondary spend in parks and a lot more besides.”

Kudan are in discussions with a wide range of different organisations with a view to them introducing AR solutions which will add to their overall marketing strategies and activities, while bringing fun and exciting new experiences to the end user.

For further information please contact –  Tel: +44(0) 844 854 1634

About Kudan

Kudan Limited is a digital marketing technology company based in the UK, but our roots are planted in Japanese soil. Kudan brings a fresh and different perspective on the western market. The team behind the company comes from different parts of the world and has experience within areas such as management consulting, engineering, augmented reality, console game development and web design.

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