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Theme Parks: Partner Power with Picsolve


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Everyone knows it’s important to take every opportunity in both generating revenue from your visitors and improving the overall guest experience, and having a photography partner who can work with you to deliver these goals is vital. Photography is a key part to any attraction, by providing an additional revenue stream to the site whilst offering your guests the ultimate souvenir of the attraction; their picture capturing their day out.

Picsolve capturing your guests

Picsolve are a leading global photography company who provides photo services to venues, creating ’must have’ photo opportunities for guests. The company began by applying advanced technology to the problem of taking the photographs of 50 people on a roller coaster going past in less than one second. Picsolve achieved it and is number one in the market. The company applies technology and research to not only theme parks but to a variety of venues, to include aquariums, tourist attractions and now the stadium business too. Before an operation goes live, Picsolve conducts detailed site surveys and apply their own algorithms to ascertain how many people pass, how many photos will be taken and what the conversion rate is likely to be. Picsolve supplies all the equipment and retains ownership as part of a revenue-sharing deal with the venue. “Our skin is in the game from the beginning, ” says Sales Director Ben Thomas. “We have to make it work and our venue customer wants to make it work.”

Stadium scores

Picsolve manages photo services at Wembley Stadium and Football Club Barcelona. On the Wembley Stadium Tour, a photo is taken of the fan from the Royal Box with the replica FA Cup and the stadium behind.  The Wembley Stadium Retail & Merchandising Manger, Kellie Hazleton, expressed “the addition of the Picsolve photo opportunity to the Wembley Stadium Tour has not only enhanced the visitor experience, but has also resulted in incremental income from day one. The account management and quality of service provided by Picsolve is excellent. Engineers are extremely responsive and always on hand to assist. We look forward to the continuing growth of the Picsolve and Wembley business.”

Barcelona’s worldwide fan base likes to visit the stadium and Picsolve has devised a number of photo opportunities to cope with the throughput of daily tours, including green screen photos of fans with their favourite players. At games there is an option for VIPs to get this photo, with a home player or home and away player; the photo is sent to the fan’s home address. Xavier Boixeda, the Facilities and Development Manager from FC Barcelona, spoke of his decision to partner with Picsolve, “We chose Picsolve as our photographic solutions company to deliver enhanced emotion and excitement for guests when visiting our stadium. The implementation has been extremely swift and trouble-free. We hope to benefit from Picsolve’s experience and deliver the best service and commercial benefits for our visitors.”

Smaller venue?

Picsolve can also offer solutions to smaller sites by using its PSItogo mobile photo unit that can be deployed for occasions that will provide enough revenue, for example if a football club has won a significant cup, or is hosting a concert or a conference. “It’s important to provide photos that guests can’t take themselves, ” says Thomas. “Revenues are incremental. Visitors still buy other items from the gift shop.” 

About Picsolve

Picsolve first pioneered ride photography in 1994, and since then have been providing complete imaging solutions to some of the world’s leading theme parks and visitor attractions. Picsolve are the chosen ride photography and ride video partner to some 500+ experience destinations across the globe.

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