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Theme Parks: World first: “FoodLoop” at Europa-Park


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Europa-Park starts the season 2011 with a worldwide novelty! Since the opening of “Europa-Park Historama” in summer 2010, the gold & blue pyramid hosts more than 35 years of Germany’s biggest theme park’s history and highlights. With the construction of “FoodLoop”, the world´s first loop-restaurant, the redesign is now completed in a very special and spectacular way.

The innovative concept proposes themed cuisine of the highest order. With 215 seats on two floors and an unimpeded sight over the park, the loop-restaurant “FoodLoop” constitutes yet another highlight in the varied culinary offer of Europa-Park.

Rollercoasters and Mack seem to be the perfect match. In 2009, Michael Mack (Strategic Business Management & Park Operation) worked together with the manufacturing company Mack Rides in Waldkirch/Germany to conceive the first rollercoaster with loop at Europa-Park, the “blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM”. Now, two years later, two more loops are constructed in Germany’s biggest theme park. And the initiator of this project is also called Michael Mack. However, this Michael Mack is the manager of HeineMack GmbH from Nürnberg/Germany and wants to transport food and drinks through his loops instead of persons, as it is usually the case at Mack Rides. After Michael Mack from Europa-Park had read a newspaper article about this special kind of gastronomy, he realized the potential of this system for Germany’s biggest theme park and consequently laid the foundation of the world’s first loop-restaurant “FoodLoop”.

When entering the new restaurant, the visitors will find more than just food and drinks and are invited to a very special culinary experience. Shiny steel tracks wind down from the upper floor and through the room to reach each table. Cooking pots and bottles rush through tight bends and head directly towards the loop on a spectacular track layout! But no reason to be afraid: the food and drinks reach the guests as safe as if they had been transported by a skilled waiter on his tray – maybe even safer. The restaurant offers 130 seats on the first floor and 65 seats on the second floor. Additionally, a showman wagon, which is turned into a coffee bar, also offers 20 seats. Each table is equipped with three modern touchscreens which allow the guests to order numerous dishes and drinks. And then, something unexpected and spectacular happens: a vertical lift transports the cooking pots and bottles upwards so that they can speed down on the elaborately arranged tracks and reach their corresponding table. The amazing track layout which also features two loops is unique in the world.

“It is absolutely important for us to constantly please our guests with surprising and innovating novelties. With this restaurant, we have a worldwide unique product which perfectly fits into Europa-Park. The rollercoaster theme is presented in a new manner here and turns into an unforgettable experience for the whole family. We have paired this rollercoaster experience with a wide range of culinary offers with meat, fish and vegetarian dishes as well as snacks”, explains Thomas Mack (Head of Hotels and Gastronomy) the extraordinary concept of the new loop-restaurant. Healthy and light delicacies for young and old alike are put in the foreground while regional and seasonal influences guarantee varied delights for the guests’ palate all year round.

The theme “Europa-Park Historama” is also continued in the upper part of the restaurant. The combination of nostalgic natural stone walls and modern steel tracks thereby ensures an effective mixture of styles. Historical pictures of Europa-Park’s founding and development are displayed on 14 metres long coverings which rise towards the top of the pyramid. The reproduction of an original showman wagon with coffee-bar conveys a romantic fun-fair atmosphere.

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