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Themed Attractions: France has one more attraction with KraftWerk Living Technologies


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The opening of France’s latest attraction at the theme park Futuroscope on December 19, 2009 was the perfect year end for Kraftwerk Living Technologies since its founding in 1992.

France’s most modern media attraction “Arthur and the Minimoys” has opened and queues in the league of the most extraordinary hotspots. Kraftwerk Living Technology played an important part at the realization of the attraction and enables thanks to its innovative seat construction a fantastic experience.

Futuroscope demonstrates an exciting journey in the world of Arthur and the Minimoys – teeny creatures, who live underground in perfect harmony with nature. The visitors learn how to see the world through the eyes of others and assume the role of a virtual character. An innovative seat construction makes the visit of Futuroscope to an experience that both adults and children will love equally.

The attraction’s core is the lately adapted 4D cinema with high-tech seats, designed and realized by Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH. In cooperation with the German company Freesky, Kraftwerk Living Technologies developed a seat made of high-performance fiber glass. This material combines great resistance with a very low weight. This first time construction made it possible to halve the seat’s weight.

The bucket seat, which looks like a leaf, enables the feeling of sneezing rats, rotor blades and bees that touch ones back. For the first time the visitor feels silk which comes out from the head rest and enhances the experience even more.

In view of this new attraction the Eiffel Tower has a new competition!

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