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Themed Design : C-nario and Disk-In Pro Complete Unique Multi-Sensory Multimedia Project Reviving the Ancient Roman-Byzantine City of Scythopolis


C-nario, a global provider of digital signage software solutions, and Disk-In Pro, a provider of planning, design and construction services for visitor centers, museums, and exhibitions, have completed a unique multi-sensory multimedia project in the archeological site of Beit She’an (Scythopolis) in Israel. The project revives the daily life of the ancient Roman-Byzantine city of Scythopolis, and the tragedy that occurred to this city – an earthquake that destroyed Scythopolis in 749 CE.

The project, worth $3 million, is a joint initiative of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism through the Israel Government Tourist Corporation, the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority and the Beit She’an Municipality. The attraction is expected to bring in 400, 000 visitors annually.

The program, called She’an Nights, is based on C-nario Entertainer, a system that manages and operates complex high-quality video-based shows that enrich the visitor’s experience in out-of-home venues. C-nario Entertainer manages a wide array of projectors, lamps and loudspeakers, planned and installed by Disk-In Pro, and scattered across the remains of Scythopolis.

The program begins with a multimedia introductory presentation summarizing the history of Scythopolis. The presentation includes special effects and Roman-style images of daily scenes projected on ancient walls, columns and spaces. The visitors experience the life of the ancient city, as well as the earthquake that destroyed it.

Following the introductory presentation, visitors walk through the streets of Scythopolis with its marble columns, stone pavements, bathhouses, and mosaics, while watching Roman-style images of people and objects projected on the shops, pillars, and building remains of the city streets. The images are accompanied by voices and music, reviving the atmosphere and daily life of an old Roman-Byzantine town. In Scythopolis’ ancient theater, visitors can watch a Roman performance of dancing and music, as well as an audience applauding the performers – all projected on the theater seats. 

 "The joint project conducted by C-nario and Disk-In Pro revives the archeological park and educates visitors about the site’s history, " said Nissim Bados,   manager of Beit She’an National Park. "The multi-sensory experience transports visitors 2, 000 years back in time, providing an authentic experience of walking through the streets of Scythopolis."

"For this project, we used the latest lighting, sound and seamless technologies, and a unique show control mechanism based on C-nario Entertainer, that synchronizes all components of the show through optical fibers, " said  Moshe Yeyni, CEO of Disk-In Pro. "We created a scenario that reconstructs the life at Scythopolis and used a unique combination of animations and actors to create the images that bring Scythopolis to life."

"We helped Disk-In Pro create the ultimate viewer experience, enabling people to walk across history, " said Yael Elstein, C-nario’s Vice President Marketing. "The She’an Nights project is an extraordinary example of how advanced technology can be harnessed to revive the past, and is an important milestone in heritage enrichment. It can serve as a model for other archeological sites worldwide."

C-nario Entertainer combines superior show control and exceptional video display with a control center, and includes tools to produce, coordinate and control exciting audiovisual shows. The system provides seamless synchronized projection, crystal clarity, precision, color and geometric correction, and integration of multiple high-quality video streams with text and graphics.

About Disk-In Pro

Disk-In Pro was founded in 1990 and specializes in planning, designing and executing of visitor centers, exhibitions, shows, museums, multi-screen displays, image movies and special audio visual experiences. Disk-In Pro uses creativity and technology to tell a story, and makes ideas and messages come to life in the most challenging and entertaining way. Disk-In Pro defies the conventional way of telling a story or communicating a message. For more information about Disk-In Pro visit

About C-nario

C-nario is a world-class provider of end-to-end software-based digital signage solutions across all industries, including advertising, retail, corporate, public, media and entertainment sectors. C-nario’s cutting edge technology enables unparalleled playback and management capabilities of complex better-than-broadcast quality video displays in an extensive range of high traffic environments. To date, the company has deployed in 40 countries through its global partners and international value-added resellers. The company has offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and Israel. For more information about C-nario visit


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