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Themed Design: Obamania in Sottrum, Germany – shoulder to shoulder with the president


On his visits in Germany, Barack Obama has inspired thousands with his down to earth charm. In Family Park Sottrum, he now presents himself as man of the people once again.  Visitors can take a photo of themselves with the president directly at the entrance of the park – the lifelike figure takes seat on the celebrity couch of the park from today.
Known for his roguish ideas, Peter Deicke, owner of the park, has commissioned CLOSTERMANN design to build the life-sized figurine. In only 120 working hours, CLOSTERMANN’s modelers have successfully finished the deceptively real replication of the U.S. President. The president is depicted in relaxed pose, smiling discreetly. „From the little wrinkles around the eyes to the close-cropped hair – even the ears are true to detail, “  says an excited Peter Deicke and is persuaded that his visitors will share this opinion.
About CLOSTERMANN design

For more than ten years, CLOSTERMANN design has been developing and fabricating premium quality custom themed attractions for theme parks, museums and themed FEC’s from all over the world. Successfully merging art, technology and business demands to finished attraction products, CLOSTERMANN design offers design and visualization services, as well as turnkey manufacturing of a wide range of themed elements, such as animatronics, interactive exhibits, scenic work and murals.
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About Familienpark Sottrum

Peter Deicke‘s Family Park in Sottrum near Hannover, Germany goes back to nature. On labyrinthine walking trails, humorous exhibits and climbing gardens invite visitors to play and learn, to romp around and to immerse themselves in phantastical worlds. For more information, visit:

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