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Themed Entertainment: The Largest Marvel X-Men Stunt Show on the Planet Produced by Mirage Entertainment


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By Luyao Zheng, Jerry Koch, and J.Michael Roddy 

“X-Men Revenge”, the largest Marvel XMen stunt show on the planet, opened at Movie Park Germany, on May 24th. A VIP showing was launched on May 19th, in attendance were numerous German media and press, the Mayor of Bottrop, the new owners of Movie Park Germany – Wouter Dekkers ( General Manager of Movie Park Germany), Jose Diaz (Managing Director of Parques Reunidos), and special VIP guests Brad Billington (CEO of Mirage Entertainment), David Draves (President of Shows and Attractions of Mirage Entertainment and Executive Producer of X-Men Revenge), Robert O’Neill (Producer of X-Men Revenge), Karl Magee (Director of X-Men Revenge), Angelo Bonello (Co-Director of X-Men Revenge), and J. Michael Roddy (Writer of X-Men Revenge). The audience capacity of this show theatre is around 2, 500. 

The show is produced by Mirage Entertainment, Inc., a US-Company that is the leading creative entity in Live Shows and Attractions, with successful operations in over 40 countries since its foundation in 1990.

To date, Mirage has created and produced in excess of 150 highly imaginative productions and attractions (accumulating over 200, 000 performances) worldwide, including the world’s largest stunt show, “Danger Island”, currently running in Guangzhou, China.  

“X-Men Revenge” is a win-win-cooperation between Marvel Entertainment, LLC., Marvel Characters Appearance Program Company and Mirage Entertainment, combining Marvel’s popular characters with Mirage’s invaluable experience over 20 years in the entertainment industry, “X- Men Revenge” surely is a “don’t-miss” attraction for audiences of all ages – especially Marvel and X-Men fans. 

According to Producer, Robert O’Neill, “the best part of the show is that the guests don’t see the set while they are waiting for the show to start. Then Wolverine descends from the roof and cuts the kabuki drape in half, thus revealing for the first time the massive set. Some of the best scenes are when all of the manhole covers on the street explode into the air with gas streaming from them. Another is when Gambit strikes his staff on the ground and jets of fire shoot out from beneath him”. 

“The successful quality of the X-Men Revenge Production is a testimony to the production team involved: Mirage Entertainment at the helm with the support of EDG (Entertainment Design Group), Sigma Effects, with the many specialized vendors and the staff at Movie Park Germany all working as a team numbering over 60 individuals”, said David Draves, Executive Producer of this show. “The bricks look and feel like brick work, the stone looks and feels like stonework, – all of this leads to a great visual experience and a palette that makes the new lighting system just pop on the architecture.”, added Robert O’Neill. “Mirage can produce, design, direct, build any type of attraction while keeping the overhead and expenses in line with today’s needs and requirements”.

This show is a miracle fully representing the executive team’s overall creativity, capability, and incredible skills of operation and production. “The Entire Project from the signing of the agreement in mid February through its fabrication and manufacturing phase, shipping phase, installation phase, rehearsal and programming phase was only three months. Not to mention we lost a couple weeks with Mother Nature awakening the volcano in Iceland”, said Brad.

“X-Men Revenge will be the only Marvel live action show of its type in the world”, reported by Bottrop-Kirchhellen, from “We are very proud about this new show”, exclaimed Wounter Dekkers, General Manager at Movie Park Germany.

Marvel, (Magneto, Gambit, Night Crawler, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Storm): TM & © 2010 Marvel Entertainment, LLC and its subsidiaries. Licensed by Marvel Characters B.V. All rights reserved.

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