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Tokyo Disneyland’s New Attraction Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall Opens on April 15, 2011


Tokyo Disneyland® Park announced its decision to open a new attraction titled Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall. This will be a walkthrough-type attraction located inside Cinderella Castle.

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Guests can wander through gorgeous rooms that bring to life the world of the Disney classic film Cinderella and view paintings, diorama, and other artworks that follow the story of the beloved princess. This new attraction, where guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the world of Cinderella’s fairy tale fantasy, is scheduled to open on April 15, 2011.

Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall is located in the castle where Cinderella lives with Prince Charming. Cinderella, wanting to share her magical princess story, decided to open up the castle even during her absence and exhibit various artworks that show scenes from her story.

At the lobby and corridor, guests will find eight murals showing how Cinderella changed from beloved daughter, to servant girl, and then to Princess. They will also see a diorama of Cinderella magically transformed into wearing a beautiful ball gown, and other artworks made from various materials such as paper, wood and glass. In the Grand Hall guests will find a magnificent chandelier, the renowned glass slipper, a throne, and special paintings that reveal a magical message when photographed using a flash.

Attraction Outline

Location: Inside Cinderella Castle in Fantasyland
Attraction type: Walkthrough
Total capital invested: Approximately 2 billion yen

Note: With the addition of this facility, there will be a total of 44 attractions, Disney character greeting facilities and entertainment facilities at Tokyo Disneyland Park (breakdown: 40 attractions, 1 greeting facility, 3 entertainment facilities).

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