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Time to “Top Off” Pilgrims Plunge’s 16-story elevator at Holiday World


Seven months after announcing the World’s Tallest Water Ride, officials at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, prepare to "top off" the 16-story elevator tower for the new Pilgrims Plunge.

This is to notify you that, construction being construction (and Indiana weather being Indiana weather), we don’t know an exact time yet for the "topping."

But we’re pretty sure it’ll be either Tuesday or Wednesday (March 10 or 11, 2009).

We *do* know a huge, 220-ton crane with a 210-foot boom will take a full day to be set up at the construction site Monday.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, the crane will lift a 46-foot-long section of steel weighing 16 tons and place it at the top of the elevator tower, which is also the top of the "drop chute" for this record-breaking shoot-the-chute ride.

Interested in more information as we get a bit closer? Please email Paula Werne at

… meanwhile, yesterday’s video of steel track being placed on the vertical drop is available here on Holiday World’s blog.

And the Pilgrims Plunge Construction Cam provides a birds-eye view of the minute-by-minute action.

Pilgrims Plunge will open to the public on the first day of Holiday World’s 63rd season, May 2.

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