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Tri-City Court Club Teams With SplashTacular


A new waterslide and "day at the beach" themed aquatic play unit from SplashTacular are generating a lot of excitement for members of the Tri-City Court Club in Kennewick, Washington.

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"This has been amazing, " said Janelle Klashke, General Manager of the Tri-City Court Club. "Our members are thrilled."

The new water features topped off a $2 million waterpark addition to the health club. SplashDown Cove was unveiled to members on Saturday, July 30th with a Grand Opening party. Nearly 500 people tried out the waterpark each day of the Grand Opening weekend.

"This project was completed in a record short amount of time, thanks to the efforts and performance of SplashTacular, " said Matt Ruzicka, Vice President from The Pool Company, Inc., who participated in the installation. "The entire project was completed in four months."

SplashTacular installed a beach-themed children’s aquatic play unit for the Club, designed to match the bright color scheme at SplashDown Cove with a thatched roof, bamboo poles, conch shells, and a toucan perched on the rail. At 20 ft. tall, the play unit offers Club guests 1, 200 sq. ft. of play area and 165 sq. ft. of deck space on two levels.

"It is refreshing to see the same creative design, superior service, and sustainable quality in SplashTacular’s new aquatic play unit line that we have come to expect from all of SplashTacular’s slides, " said Douglass G. Whiteaker, Principal at Water Technology, Inc.   "The quality of their products, combined with the entertainment value their innovative designs bring to projects, meets or exceeds our client’s expectations for years to come."

In addition, SplashTacular designed, manufactured, and installed a 212 ft. bright yellow waterslide for SplashDown Cove. The 42 in. open bodyslide stands on a 28 ft. tower. "This is top-of-the-line quality, " Klashke said. "This goes way beyond our expectations."

17 different water features-including two waterslides, a water blaster, and tipping buckets-adorn the outside of the aquatic play unit. At the very top, the SplashDome delivers a 30-second "curtain of water" to children below every five minutes. "What’s really cool about this play unit is the surprises. It’s great to watch the kids discover each of the features, " said Klashke. "This is really fun, really interactive play. There is water squirting out everywhere-you are definitely going to get wet."

This is the second aquatic play unit designed, manufactured, and installed by SplashTacular, the largest waterslide manufacturer in the U.S. The first one was installed earlier in 2011 at Brighton Oasis Park in Brighton, Colorado. It is also the company’s first themed play unit.

"Since this is one of our first play units, it was very satisfying to watch it come together, " said Fred Breedlove, Project Manager at SplashTacular. "The whole construction was very clean, with good design and assembly."

SplashTacular founded a new division dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and installation of aquatic play units in October 2010. The department is led by Robb Strall, Director of New Ride Development and Special Projects for SplashTacular.

"Teaming with SplashTacular has proven to be a key ingredient in our recipe for success on aquatics construction projects, " said Ruzicka.

According to Klashke, the new water features from SplashTacular will help differentiate the Tri-City Court Club for current and prospective members, making it more of a destination for local families. "This will definitely help our business, " she said. "It increases our value to family members, as well as our membership base."

Kids of all ages enjoy the new aquatic play unit.

For more information on aquatic play units visit or call 800.844.5334.



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