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Video – Theme parks: a bird’s eye view of Poland’s Adventure World Warsaw



Although the construction works in the Adventure World Warsaw – Poland’s first theme fun park – will not start until spring 2012, already today we can see its bird’s eye view in a movie available at the AWW website.

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The movie shows a spatial arrangement of all the elements on the 240 hectare plot, where the largest theme park in CEECs will be developed in early 2014.

Adventure World Warsaw will consists of an all-year part and of open-air attractions open from April to November. The movie available above shows that the entrance to the park will lead through the Entertainment Village, where visitors can watch several art performances or visit bars, restaurants and stores. Passing by attractions of this part of the compound, the guests will arrive right in front of the impressive Grand Resort hotel – a building with highly stylised architecture. Under the hotel there will be a passage to the open-air part of the park and to so-called winter zone, the all-year part of theme park neighbouring with the Grand Resort hotel. Turning left before the hotel, the visitors will arrive at the Aqua Park and Aqua Hotel, directly connected with the aqua-park. The water slides, swimming pools and other, so far unprecedented in Poland, water attractions located under a gigantic dome, will be accessible 365 days a year.

Using the passage under the Grand Resort hotel, the visitors will enter the Theme Park, being the very core of the Adventure World Warsaw. The first part thereof will be the Adventure Harbour – a unique marketplace filled with stores, restaurants and other attractions. But this is where real entertainment just begins. Besides this part, the Park will have also five different theme islands. Two of them will belong to the all-year part of the Park: the Lost Kingdom to the right of the Adventure Harbour, where the visitors will be exposed to such powerful experiences as an earthquake of volcano eruption. On the left there will be the Polish Square, whose architecture will be reminiscent of the old towns to be found in Polish cities. And this is where one can meet characters from Polish legends and fairy tales, such as Pan Twardowski, inviting guests to visit his moving palace, or experience an adventure in a flying vehicle among other Polish fairy tales and legends.

The location of each of the park’s theme islands can seen from bird’s eye view. The Creature Lagoon is the most joyful of them all, full of mythical creatures who love having fun and playing pranks. At the same altitude but on the other side of the Adventure Harbour, there is the Land of Legends – referring to Ancient civilisations, including the Mayan and Egyptian ones. The Castle Island located on the outskirts of the Adventure World Warsaw will provide an opportunity to meet Merlin, King Arthur, witches and dragons.

We hope that this movie will familiarise future Visitors with the blueprint of our park and will make them look forward to its opening – says Peter Jan Mulder, the CEO in Las Palm, a company established to deploy the Adventure World Warsaw project. – In this movie we also reveal our future plans. In the second phase of the Project we are planning, among others, to open successive hotels and the second theme park to be created just beside the first stage of the planned investment – he adds.

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