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Visitor Attractions: New Bugworld Experience Opens at the Albert Dock


The UK’s first Insecterium has opened its doors at the Albert Dock in Liverpool.
The BugWorld Experience welcomed its first visitors on 1st July following a £3.7 million fit out of the Grade 1 listed historic building, which houses the new attraction.
Guided through simulated environments, ranging from a rainforest to a savannah to the everyday British home, visitors can see, find out about and even interact with the bugs that inhabit them, all with the help of a team of trained guides. As well as getting the chance to touch live bugs, like the hissing cockroach, visitors can even sample insect food delicacies from around the world.
The BugWorld Experience is managed by leisure development and management specialists, the Petersham Group Ltd, who has worked with the investor RGI Ltd of Ireland from the project’s beginning.
Keith Thomas, Director of the Petersham Group, said, “Liverpool is now one of the leading cities in the UK for incoming tourists and for leisure visitors alike and the BugWorld Experience really adds some bite to the offer!  In all seriousness, this is a must for all budding scientists, adventurers and travellers. Nowhere else in Britain could they get up close and personal to insects and bugs in a fun and educational way like this.”
A number of endangered species are residents of the BugWorld Experience, where the bug experts are committed to helping maintain and boost their populations through conservation, education and carefully planned breeding programmes.
Bugs that visitors will be able to see include:

·        Preying Mantis
·        Death Stalker Scorpion
·        Red Spotted Assassin Bug
·        Giant Centipede
·        Mexican Red Knee Tarantula
·        The critically endangered Partula Snail, (extinct in the wild and now part of the BugWorld Experience conservation breeding programme).
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About the BugWorld Experience

The BugWorld Experience® is an all-new visitor attraction concept now open at Albert Dock, Liverpool. The promoter of the project is Rogers Group Investments (RGI), owned by Des and Fergal Rogers. Other RGI interests in the leisure sector include DUK Tours, Dublin. The BugWorld Experience is the first of a new generation of family oriented attractions, unique in giving visitors an insight into the world of insects and bugs in a highly interactive experience. The concept was devised and created by the RGI group, based upon existing successful operations in the US, Canada, & France, which have provided the platform for the development of the theme into an entertaining, educational and magical experience for visitors of all ages. Many of the bugs featured will be supplied by local breeders. All have been selected due to their uniqueness or endangered status.

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