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Volante POS Systems Announces Wireless, Linux POS Solution


There’s a lot of interest in Linux POS (point of sale) these days, mostly driven by the attractive cost advantages that Linux offers. Now, thanks to Volante POS Systems and the advances of wireless technology, Linux & wireless mobile computing can run hand in hand, working together to maximize profits.

The number of point of sale terminals running Linux in North America has increased dramatically in recent years. For many business owners, there’s
good reason to go with a Linux POS solution. As an operating system, Linux is more cost effective, flexible, and allows for greater freedom of choice
in software than more mainstream operating systems. Linux offers all this without sacrificing functionality.

One industry taking full advantage of this trend is the hospitality industry. The growth of Linux POS in this sector demonstrates that hospitality operators are no different than any anyone else in the fact that they want technology to help them reduce costs and increase revenues. But how else can technology help them achieve this goal? The cost advantages of smart technology can be taken even further by adding a wireless POS device to the mix. Linux POS & wireless mobile computing can run hand in hand, working together to maximize profits. And it does this in many ways, including, but not limited to:

With traditional, stationary hospitality POS systems, time is wasted as employees stand in line waiting their turn at the terminal. With wireless POS technology, each order is transmitted instantly in front of the customer via a wireless hand-held device, allowing serving staff to go directly to the next patron.

For food and beverage outlets, wireless order taking eliminates steps for staff, which translates to lower food costs due to more accurate order taking and less waste.

Increased productivity of serving staff translates into decreased labor costs.

Increased up-selling opportunities via serving staff having more time with customers.

It’s for these reasons that Volante has jumped on the wireless and Linux POS bandwagon.

Volante offers a Java based, wireless POS solution for Linux. In fact, Volante has revolutionized the wireless POS industry in a creative and innovative way. By using PC notebooks ( not much bigger then a hand held ) the entire POS software is loaded on the unit and it runs as a terminal with peer to peer, data synching etc. PDA’s do not work in this manner- they require writing to the unit ( in other words, new code, separate product ) plus they’re not robust enough for food and beverage. Volante has evolved its software into the peer to peer architecture, and now POS software can be loaded onto a small wireless notebook with amazing results. And because Volante POS software is written entirely in Java, it runs seamlessly on Linux.

Excellent results are also seen in venues such as amusement parks, theme parks, stadiums, trade shows, casinos, arenas, race tracks, hospitals and
outdoor sales areas (such as roof top patios, for instance) where conventional POS terminals aren’t practical nor feasible. For example, Volante offers wireless bracelet technology which allows for seamless and instant data transfer, translating to a better guest experience. Once visitors have pre-purchased admission, their currency is exchanged with bar-coded bracelets, which are good for the entire day – including in and out privileges. This type of smart technology removes barriers to spending and quickly "busts lines". It also provides for better customer tracking via much more accurate numbers of who’s coming into the park. Hand stamps are much too easy to forge. The bracelets are not only simple, but practical too, since they’re waterproof.

Wireless POS computing from Volante offers other important and innovative features. For instance, the menus on the hand-held are the exact same menus on the traditional register. The databases are in sync with one another. You don’t have to program your hand-held; it’s an extension of the host computer. This approach is less expensive because it doesn’t require separate servers for hand-helds and traditional registers, translating in even more savings for hospitality operators.

Partnering a Linux POS solution with wireless mobile computing truly allows hospitality operators to enter the 21st century, giving them an extra edge in a fiercely competitive industry.

For more information, visit

Annette Ennamorato
Vice President, Operations
Direct: 416.522.1825
Volante Systems
1188 Martin Grove Road,
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 5M9

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