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Warsaw’s ‘Adventure World’ theme park is ‘greening up’


 Imtech (IM-AE, technical services provider in Europe) announces that it recently doubled its projected contribution to the new development of the ‘Adventure World’ theme park in Warsaw, Poland: from 30 million euro to a total value of 60 million euro. The investors behind Eastern Europe’s first large-scale Disney-like theme park have decided to considerably raise the park’s level of sustainability. Imtech will be supplying a large share of the ‘green’ technical solutions required for this project.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: ‘The Polish built-up environment is becoming increasingly sustainable. Imtech is able to effectively respond to this development with a wide range of ‘green’ technical solutions. Examples include the LEED Gold building ‘Eurocentrum’ in Warsaw, the ‘green’ revitalisation of Kattowitz’s station hall accompanied by a new ‘green’ shopping centre, and now the ‘greening up’ of the ‘Adventure World’ theme park development project in Warsaw. With these three projects alone – which are supported with expertise provided by Imtech Deutschland – in a short period of time we have managed to build up an order book worth over 100 million euro.’
‘Adventure World’ raises its sustainability profile
The development of the Polish economy is showing a positive trend. Local investment does not limit itself to buildings or industry, but also increasingly focuses on entertainment and culture. Imtech has been selected as technology partner in the development of the buildings for the first phase of the new theme and amusement park ‘Adventure World’ in Warsaw.
This Disney-like park – the first large-scale theme and amusement park in Eastern Europe – is scheduled for completion in 2018. In this first phase, Imtech is responsible for providing the energy solutions, the air conditioning and climate control technology (HVAC) and all electrical solutions. Recently, the investors behind this project decided to considerably raise the park’s level of sustainability. Besides expanding its existing activities, Imtech will also be supplying a large share of the ‘green’ technical solutions for this project. Special attention will be given to making the park as energy-efficient as possible.
Other green solutions include the generation of energy on the basis of biogas supplied by a waste water treatment plant located nearby. Additional energy will be generated by newly-constructed solar panels, which are used to convert the sunlight directly into electricity (photovoltaic energy). In addition, there will be a strong focus on saving water – for instance by using waste water (‘grey water’) to flush the park toilets.
Imtech expects to also be able to play a role in the next two phases of the development. 



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