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Waterparks: Polin Unveils Racer Twin Turbolance


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After the recent  launch of King Cobra, which has already generated unprecedented interest all over the industry and which is the first ride of Polin's RACER Series, we are happy to expand this line with a new, sophisticated ride, Racer Twin Turbolance. Racer Twin Turbolance  is another concrete evidence to Polin's customer oriented, flexible, efficient design understanding.

Revolutionary, Exhilarating, Entertaining Waterslide

The core feature of Polin's latest venture, Racer Twin Turbolance is its innovative design consisting of two double-tubes configured side by side along a circular path. The ride's path is actually two slides in one. The double tubes accommodate two riders in each for a total of four, making it a high capacity ride. The path takes exciting twists and turns before reaching an enclosure that suddenly plummets riders down a nearly vertical drop at speeds of up to 52 kilometers per hour. The double-tubes diverge at this point into 2 different slides, namely 2 Turbolance's and then the riders are propelled uphill vertically. Then they experience another unforgettable path this time a reverse path taking them over a bump and ending into a splash pool or a dry-out. This is the thrill of a lifetime…

Racer series is a brand new, heart pounding trend in waterslide industry.

Polin RACER Series: The World's First Circular Racing Tube Slides, King Cobra /  Racer Twin Turbolance / Racer Twin Bowls (coming soon) belong to Racer Series


  • Circular racing tube slide
  • High speed, tube racing, multi lane ride
  • High capacity ride {The unique double slide feature effectively doubles capacity over 'regular' water park slides}
  • A truly racing slide {Circular racing with turns, twists}
  • Fully open version available
  • Fully enclosed version available for a completely dark attraction
  • Half closed- half open version available
  • Natural light effects system applicable
  • Launch conveyor or tower available as an entry option {Launch conveyor guarentees simultaneous riding experience}
  • Strong spectator appeal
  • Theming options available
  • The entry part can be combined with  Ø1400 Series
  • The exit part can be combined with Polin Wide Slide Series
  • Configuration  enables to choose between a pool or a run-out for the exit part
  • Each slide can be used with both single and double tubes {Share the experience or try it alone}

Technical Specifications
Typical Height19, 30 m / 64'(feet)
Depth500 / 750 / 1500 / 1400 / 730 / 500mm (20 / 30 / 59 / 55 / 29 / 20 in)
Width2x1400 /1400 / 1400 / 6000 / 4000mm (2×55 / 55 / 55 / 236 / 158 in)
Slope10/40 %
Capacity480 Pers./h
Length of theSlide(each)2×156, 2m / 2×521'(feet)
Drop Angle40 Degrees
Speed52 km/h / 32, 5 mph (miles per hour)
ExitDry-Out / Pool
Exit Combination 1Black Hole – Rafting Slide Series
Exit Combination 2Wide Slide Series
NLE ApplicabilityYes
Flow Rate880 m3/h
Space Required63x20m 207'x66'(feet)
Adrenaline Index5/5

About Polin

POLIN was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1976 and has become one of the leading companies in the design, manufacturing and installation of waterparks, waterslides, water play attractions.

With over 34 years experience and literally hundreds of projects to its name across the globe in the composites sector, Polin has gained unique business and technological expertise, manufacturing all of its fiberglass products according to the highest industry standards across three production plants covering 50, 000 sq m. Since it began, it has successfully completed more than 1, 500 projects of different sizes and complexity in more than 75 countries and has built strong and long-term relationships with its partners in 50 countries.

Polin has been a pioneer in the advancement and application of the Light RTM (Resin Transfer Molding)process in waterslide manufacturing which is the latest innovation in waterslide production technology. Since 2006, Polin has converted to Light RTM on over 90 per cent of its annual fiberglass production. Polin also offers its unique Natural Light Effects technology and Special Pattern Effects technology in RTM and offers translucent RTM waterslides.

Polin is committed to providing the best quality product and service through investing in research and development and will continue to further expand its L-RTM line while introducing new signature rides and innovations in waterparks industry.

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