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Waterparks: SplashTacular Partners with Hawaiian Falls


This summer, Texas waterpark fans will get a taste of the ultimate thrill ride—with two of the tallest, fastest waterslides in the world. 

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SplashTacular, winner of the 2011 Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers from the World Waterpark Association, is partnering with Hawaiian Falls Waterparks in Texas to launch two signature attractions in 2012—including the world’s first Double BowlsEye™ at Roanoke and the 360Rush™ at The Colony.

“The 360Rush and Double BowlsEye will give our parks an incredible boost, ” said David Busch, President and CEO of Hawaiian Falls.  “Our season pass sales are already 37% over last year’s record number, and much of this excitement is due to the anticipation of these two new rides.”

The Hawaiian Falls location at Roanoke, Texas, will feature the world’s first patent-pending Double BowlsEye attraction.  The 70 ft. tall, iconic Double BowlsEye is a contemporary new take on a high-speed family raft chase.  At the towering, 60 ft. launch platform, the family of four splits up into two 2-person rafts positioned back-to-back on custom-controlled launch platforms.  The rafts are launched simultaneously into two separate enclosed, 54 in. slides—disappearing into total darkness reaching speeds of up to 30 mph.  Finally, they empty out into a massive bowl, where they chase each other to the finish.  The ride is scheduled to open on July 4th weekend, 2012.

“There is simply no other ride in the world like the Double BowlsEye, ” said Steve Levine, Founder and CEO of SplashTacular.  “This is the first time that the entire family can enjoy a competitive thrill ride together.”  For the waterpark owner, the ride also has “remarkable throughput, ” at nearly 480 riders per hour, added Levine.

The patented, award-winning 360Rush will be installed at The Colony, Texas and will be named The Whirlwind.  The 70 ft. tall dueling body bowl is the sister-ride to the Double BowlsEye. The ride begins as two riders approach the top platform of the 360Rush. Each rider is placed in a chamber called ‘DrenalineDrop™ – a drop gate system that increases the suspense in a 3-2-1 countdown – and wait to race each other. When time runs out, the riders drop simultaneously through an opaque floor into two nearly vertical 32-inch diameter tubes, where they quickly accelerate at speeds of more than 30 mph. The first 360Rush was unveiled in 2011 in Blountsville, Alabama, where it has already attracted huge crowds and devoted fans.

“It’s incredible.  It’s fast.  You can really feel the centrifugal forces, ” said Alex Weidman, President of  SplashTacular.  “There’s nothing like it.”

By launching riders in pairs, both the 360Rush and Double BowlsEye provide an unparalleled guest experience that keeps riders coming back for more, said Levine.  He points out that both rides offer water park operators the next generation and one-of-a-kind water ride attractions that can deliver competitive advantage for many years to come.  “It’s twice the throughput, twice the speed, and twice the thrill, ” added Levine.

“The timing is right for us to partner with SplashTacular in 2012, ” said Busch.  “We have been very pleased with SplashTacular’s focus and can-do approach to getting the job done.”

“These rides will make Hawaiian Falls the family destination of choice in the state of Texas, ” said Levine.  “They are a first-class organization, and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with them.  We look forward to helping them grow for years to come.”

In addition to the new slides, SplashTacular is also partnering with Hawaiian Falls to reinvent an existing slide at their Garland, Texas location.   The Abyss is a two-person “dark ride” with an interactive juke box system, movie theatre quality sound, multidimensional LED lighting, and a fog system to give visitors a total sensory experience—while riding to their favorite music.  Featuring 160 songs with a light show programed to each song, the ride can easily change effects to create a new experience every single time they visit.

“This is true Hydrotainment, ” said Levine.  “This is what SplashTacular is all about.”

About SplashTacular

SplashTacular, Inc. is the largest waterslide manufacturer in the U.S. and winner of the World Waterpark Association’s 2011 Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers. Since 1994, the company has built 1, 000+ American-made waterpark attractions—including 3, 000 waterslides—across the globe.

SplashTacular designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs signature waterpark attractions that maximize attendance and throughput.  The award-winning 360Rush™ is a patented, 58-foot-tall dual waterslide that delivers two riders simultaneously into a 45 ft. diameter bowl at speeds of up to 40 mph.  The Double BowlsEye™ is a contemporary take on a high-speed family raft chase.

SplashTacular prides itself on delivering waterpark experiences that create unforgettable memories for families and generate revenue for park managers.  Corporate offices are in California, with operations and maintenance facilities in Kansas and aquatic play unit division in Texas. For more information, visit


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