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WhiteWater Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation with Array of New Waterpark Products


One of WhiteWater’s newest innovations, the Family PythonTM offers the largest MEGAtubeTM flume diameter in the world!

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2011 continues to be an amazing year for WhiteWater! Not only is the award-winning Canadian company celebrating its 30th year in the global waterpark industry, but WhiteWater is also celebrating 30 years of innovation, especially this year with the introduction of several new products. Some key innovations include:

New Waterslide Attractions

Family PythonTM & PythonTM – Giving riders an unforgettable adrenaline-rush, Family PythonTM builds anticipation with high banking turns and exhilarating speed before swallowing riders into its colossal 20 foot enclosed MEGAtubeTM flume, where a series of sensational oscillations provide a multi-sensory overload!  Python’sTM 20 foot diameter flume strikes at the heart of excitement for single or double inner-tube riders.

Family RattlerTM & RattlerTM – Featuring three different configurations with 16 to 33 foot "rattles", Family RattlerTM  lets 3-6 riders experience completely different sensations as they fall into each "rattle". Use single or double inner-tubes and you’ve got the RattlerTM

AnacondaTM – With gigantic twists, turns and a dramatic oscillating experience through its 30 foot diameter MEGAtubeTM, AnacondaTM delivers unstoppable thrills from start to finish! 

Family ConstrictorTM & ConstrictorTM – Family ConstrictorTM offers a 10 foot diameter flume that accommodates 3-person family rafts, taking riders through a spine-tingling series of spirals! With a smaller flume, the Constrictor’sTM 7 foot diameter flume provides single and double riders with the tightest, highest banking turns in the industry!

Dueling AquaLoopsTM are an exhilarating twist on the world’s only near-vertical looping waterslide slide. With all the thrills of the original AquaLoopTM, Dueling AquaLoopsTM add another level of excitement thanks to side-by-side action. Side-by-side competition encourages repeat races and visits, increases capacity and gives riders and spectators something to talk about days after their visit!

New Interactive Wet Play Attractions

AquaPlay Giant RainFortressTM – AquaPlay Giant RainFortressTM truly is an "all-in-one" waterpark with 20 exciting waterslides – never done before on any play structure! This attraction can combine a variety of WhiteWater’s award-winning signature waterslide including Family BoomerangoTM, 3-lane Mat Racer, SuperBowl and more, with over 300 additional AquaPlayTM elements!  

AquaPlayTM Eruption – WhiteWater’s gigantic water geyser surges water up 95 feet in the air above its AquaPlayTM multi-level interactive structure! The explosion of water then splashes down to an eruption of laughter and squeals, as guests get drenched below.

AquaSplashTM- Designed to stimulate the imagination of younger children with vibrant, eye-catching colours and activities, AquaSplashTM offers a smaller footprint but the most interactivity per square foot than any other multi-level play structure.  AquaSplashTM provides hours of splashing fun and activity with the industry’s largest tipping bucket and a multitude of interactive spray elements! 

New Waves & FlowRider®

FlowRider® Stationary Surf Machine – FlowRider® is a self-contained attraction that generates a thin sheet of fast-moving water that riders can surf on, just like being out on the open water!

To find out more about WhiteWater’s latest innovations, stop by  booths 317 – 422 at WWA, October 5-6; booth 2217 at NRPA, November 1-3; and booth 4840 at IAAPA, November 14-18, or visit

WhiteWater is proud to be introducing so many new innovations, while celebrating its 30th year anniversary in the waterpark industry! For more information on WhiteWater, The Waterpark Company, please visit 
About WhiteWater West, The Waterpark Company

Established in 1980, WhiteWater has over 450 employees and is a vertically integrated supplier of the most successful waterpark attractions in the world.  Specializing in waterslides, AquaPlayTM multi-level interactive play structures, wave-generating equipment and Prime Play soft modular play systems and family adventure parks, our award winning products and industry leading technology are at more than 4, 000 projects worldwide. Our depth of expertise includes park planning, engineering, manufacturing and installation. Markets include indoor and outdoor waterparks, hotels and resorts, amusement and theme parks, cruise ships, speciality markets and municipal aquatic facilities.

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