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Fullers Group Ltd. Chooses Galaxy Ticketing and Admission Control Solution


Gateway Ticketing Systems is pleased to announce that the Fullers Group Ltd. has chosen Gateway’s flagship product, Galaxy™, for their ticketing and access control software.

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Fullers Group Ltd. Chooses Galaxy Ticketing and Admission Control SolutionFullers Group, located in New Zealand, has been the leading ferry operator in Auckland for over 20 years. The company offers a wide range of ferry trips, tours and charters in Auckland Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf Islands. Installing Galaxy on the ferry and tour vessels will enable Fullers to combat potential theft and fraud. By printing tickets on demand, rather than using preprinted ticket products, there is less opportunity for ticket theft or loss. And Galaxy’s Pass Module means that Fullers can now issue monthly photo passes to more easily verify pass holders.

Gateway Assistant General Manager Jim McGregor is excited about the what the new system will mean for Fullers Group: “Using Galaxy is going to take Fullers to the next level in two regards: in providing better customer service and improving operational efficiency.” McGregor continued, “For example, pass renewal on the eGalaxy Consumer Web Store means their regular customers don’t have to stand in line every month for a ferry pass. The Print At Home ticket option available on the eGalaxy Consumer, Mobile and Reseller Web Stores will shorten lines at ticket counters and allow all sales to be stored in a single database and pull from the same capacities for all sales channels.”

Simon Ford of Fullers Group echoed the customer-based benefits in the decision to go with Galaxy: “The Fullers customer base is a blend of commuters and tourists. The other solutions we looked at tended to offer a solution which had a stronger focus on either the tourist or the commuter. Galaxy however represents a good solution for both customer types, meeting the ticketing requirement for commuters, as well as being able to offer a tourist-oriented package. A further major benefit is Galaxy’s ability to integrate our food and beverage products, allowing us to sell all our products on a single integrated platform.”

The Galaxy Admission Control module will provide clear and accurate ridership numbers, allowing Fullers to make the best possible operational decisions and to track usage on passes. Admission control will also provide their Marketing department with more information so they can created targeted promotions, including the Galaxy Packages module, Galaxy Loyalty programs and Galaxy Upsell opportunities.

Gateway Ticketing Systems and its employees are thrilled to welcome Fullers Group to the Gateway family and look forward to a long and successful relationship.

About Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc.:
Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. is the world leader in admission control and ticketing software for the attraction, amusement, and transportation industries. Located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Gateway Ticketing Systems provides sales, service and support for Point of Sale and ticketing systems throughout North America and worldwide.

About Fullers Group Ltd:
Fullers has been the largest ferry operator in Auckland for over 20 years and offers a range of cruises around Auckland Harbour and to surrounding islands. Its portfolio includes daily public transport services, harbour cruises and island tours with over 4 million passengers carried per year, including commuters and tourists.

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