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Playdium Children’s Activity Center at the River Club of Mequon Installs EyeClick’s BEAM


The River Club of Mequon unveils its new BEAM installation at the Playdium Children’s Activity Center at its new nines restaurant.  This is the first time this virtual playground has been installed in Wisconsin. 

The River Club of Mequon has selected EyeClick’s BEAM entertainment system for its state of the art Playdium Children’s Activity Center at nines restaurant.  The River Club of Mequon is the a private club on Wisconsin’s North Shore that offers an “artful combination of classic fare and gastropub chic.” 

The restaurant is an upscale dining environment which overlooks a 27 hole golf course. While the River Club of Mequon does have various features for members including golf, tennis, and swimming, nines is open to the public. The restaurant’s various features including corporate meeting rooms, private dining river club logo eyeclick playenvironments, a covered balcony, and a 4000 sq. ft environment for kids called the Playdium Children’s Activity Center.

The new virtual playground environment will allow nines visitors to enjoy a virtual playground full of interactive technology.  With the BEAM, children over the age of 2 can play various interactive games including Disco Floor, Ice Hockey, Football, and Super Soccer. All games are entirely motion activated and project engaging animated graphics on the floor. The River Club of Mequon owner Tom Weickardt spotted the BEAM system at the IAAPA show in Florida and stated, “I have to have this!”

Marketing Director Ryan Doerr, states “We invite kids to experience the state of art Playdium Children’s Activity Center – north shore headquarters for endless fun, laughter and kid-vivid imagination.  Anything that allows children to be active in a group environment is always a hit. Now children visiting the Playdium will be the first in Wisconsin to experience BEAM, a projection-driven virtual playground that transforms a specially designed floor area into a festival of colorful graphics with corresponding sounds that’s guaranteed to deliver hours of safe interactive fun and games.”

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