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Polin introduces new team-building activity, Splash Course

Palomaqua Water Park - Splash Course by Polin

Polin Waterparks, a leader and innovator in waterpark technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, Splash Course, a team-building activity.

Polin Waterparks is pleased to introduce a brand new product called Splash Course. This is a fun activity that challenges guests to work as a team and includes high and/or low elements. Splash Courses are designed to be suitable for all ages, providing a hands-on learning experience.

This new type of playground area features excitement and adrenaline and gives guests a sense of achievement as they complete challenges.

Splash Course

Splash Courses can be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues, such as adventure parks, theme parks and water parks. They provide intellectual and physical challenges, which allow participants to practice and improve a variety of skills. For example, strategy-setting, courage, communication, self-trust, hand skills, resilience, problem-solving, competitiveness, ability to work under high stress, focusing on tasks, and more.

Palomaqua Water Park - Splash Course by Polin

The challenges also encourage friendliness and co-operation, so are ideal for team building. This new solution offers many levels of height and difficulty, so it is suitable for guests of all ages. The first Splash Course is now in place at Palomaqua Water Park in Antalya, Turkey.

Polin’s multi-disciplinary method and team-focused approach mean that it is able to successfully complete a range of projects, from smaller installations to major theme park projects. The team provides flexible solutions to help operators maximise the potential of each project.

Earlier this year, Polin Waterparks released details of its innovative new water slide, Time Rider. This features the world’s largest bowl, with four possible paths for riders, so that guests can have several different experiences. The design encourages repeat rides and also features a functional observation walkway with special lighting effects, where riders can observe the slide in action while waiting their turn.

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