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Justice League-themed meal kit ‘The Mother Box’ launches in UK and US

Warner Bros has teamed up with Wonderland At Home to launch a Justice League-themed meal kit with AR called The Mother Box.

justice league meal kit mother box

The Mother Box is part of a growing trend for food fandom, or food-based experiences that connect fans to their favourite movies, shows and brands.

Wonderland At Home’s first meal kit is inspired by Zack Snyder‘s Justice League, but further meal kits based on Warner Bros franchises are planned for 2021

The Mother Box is priced at $130 for two people and $260 for four people. Each box includes pre-prepared and refrigerated F&B options, including a Resurrection soufflé.

Food fandom with Wonderland At Home

The Mother Box features various dishes themed to Justice League superheroes, such as Aquaman’s cod and chips and Batman’s dark chocolate. See the full contents below:

  • Ocean Trench (Aquaman) – Icelandic cod and ‘chips’
  • Big Belly Burger (The Flash) – steak burger with cheese and Wonderland burger sauce
  • Resurrection (Superman) – corn and maple soufflé with silver popcorn
  • Ancient Themysciran Fire (Wonder Woman) – smoked marshmallows
  • Choco’s (Martian Manhunter) – jalapeño, salsa and cheese cookies
  • The Bat (Batman) – dark chocolate with salted butter caramel
  • Element X (Cyborg) – vitamin drink

In addition, the Mother Box itself is a collector’s item and it comes alive with augmented reality (AR). The box also features a QR code that can be scanned to play a message from Snyder.

“We just wanted to do something completely unique that shows we can have fun and create moments of wonderment,” Wonderland Restaurants founder and CEO James Bulmer told IGN.

“The pandemic absolutely pushed us, like everybody, to think differently, to think, ‘How can you tell these big stories in the comfort of peoples’ homes?'”

Warner Bros meal kits launching in 2021

Warner Bros and Wonderland Restaurants are also launching a ‘gastronomic amusement park’ in London called Park Row, inspired by DC characters including Batman, Superman, and Harley Quinn.

“I want to create venues where the food and drink, just because it’s fun, doesn’t have to be lower quality,” added Bulmer.

“I want four people from finance around the corner who don’t know anything about the world of DC Comics to come here and go, ‘This is amazing.'”

Images: Wonderland At Home/Warner Bros

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