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QuadWash™ dishwasher park cleans up New York City

LG QuadWash

LG is using a water park to promote its new QuadWash dishwasher during Citi Summer Streets festival this month.

The water park will stretch over 6,750 square feet – larger than two and a half tennis courts.  The attraction will be a prominent feature of New York’s Citi Summer Streets festival.

Nearly seven miles of New York streets are given over to leisure activities during the festival which takes place over three consecutive weekends during August.  The giant dishwasher can be found on Park Avenue between 70th and 71st Street.

The water park is built along the lines of LG’s new dishwasher.  It features giant spray arms along with vast plates and spoons to slide down.  Dishwashers usually have just two spray arms but the new LG washer has four.

25-30 people at a time can use the park which is suitable for both adults and children.  Livestreams from inside the water park allow people outside the park to see what’s going on inside.

Meanwhile trainers give product demonstrations in poolside cabanas, giving passers-by the lowdown on the new dishwasher. The brand will also host contests on social media to win LG QuadWash dishwashers.

On Saturday 19th August, four influencers (Fortune Feimster, Adrienne Moore, JD Witherspoon and Sam Talbot) will dress up as different types of food and race each other through the waterpark obstacle course.

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