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    Johnny Lyle – Marketing and SEO for Attractions

    About Johnny Lyle

    I am a Specialist Marketing and SEO Director with experience in the attractions sector and have delivered significant growth in numbers and profitability for a number of attractions during interim and ongoing positions. With one small attraction in the UK, the growth has been nearly four-fold by identifying the key growth areas and then delivering them throughout the offer and the attraction. All of this is done with the brand firmly at the heart of everything.

    Brand Based SEO

    To build a brand you need to manage every element of the public persona, so my fastest growth area of work has been in Brand Based SEO and Social Media Management, particularly in the SaaS and Visitor Attraction markets.

    When to call me

    I’m at my most valuable to an attraction if you want to grow, reposition, rebrand, build a new website or change direction with your social media and marketing. I guarantee that I will help you grow and improve the way you present. This will mean a growth in web traffic, social media engagement and ultimately more paying customers.

    Brand Experience(d)

    There’s two types of brand experience. Forgettable and unforgettable and the difference is often quite small.

    The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy.

    There’s no such thing as a USP anymore, so we have to search for Very Small Differences (VSD’s)

    Consumers understand brand behaviour better than ever and aren’t easily fooled, so if you want to stand out at all, you have to be consistently good in every little thing you do or say as a brand.

    So, to create brands, you need to create a brand experience and to do this consistently well, you need someone with real brand experience to guide you through it. With experience comes the ability to not only see which of the small differences matter, but to amplify them into usable, marketable edges that a commercially viable. That consumers, want, that consumers love and that you can consistently deliver.

    This is brand experience(d) and it’s what I do.

    I work and have helped create many different types and sizes of organisation in almost every sector.

    Brand Speaking

    Whether speaking to 5, 50 or 500 people, I will show your audience a totally different and more effective view of the offline, social media and online arenas – all based on thousands of real life tests.  It will have you laughing and thinking at the same time. I’ll be frank, honest and powerful for your business and I’ll never try and palm you off with a stock presentation.

    Flexible to the audiences, I can talk to CEO’s and start-ups and deliver relevant content to each that has people taking notes furiously. Having been on the board of both successful start-ups, successful established businesses and one or two that have not worked out quite so well, I’m in a unique position to give an insiders perspective from the outside.



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