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blooloopLIVE 2014 – So how did it go?

On the 1st May we held our first conference, blooloopLIVE, for visitor attractions professionals, and it was a great success.  

By Charles Read

mark fisher merlin blooloopLIVEA broad range of speakers and delegates from across the industry – from the world’s greatest museums to theme parks, zoos, aquariums and even a museum of medieval torture instruments – came together to network, engage in what Mrs. Merton used to describe as, “heated debates” and party till the early hours.

Held in the United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI) building, a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament, the new one day conference saw presentations on brands, content, technology and strategy and an after show party at a local historic champagne vault, with live music from The Gents and JJ Rosa.

The conference was kindly sponsored by CRM provider Green4Solutions, waterpark designer Polin Waterparks, ticketing and access control leader Gateway Ticketing and audiovisual specialists Electrosonic. Photography was from Picsolve and video by Katapult.

A full report of the day and the sessions will appear in these pages shortly and video will be available, but a brief summary might be that the conference was thought provoking, interesting and tons of fun. Each of the speakers had taken the time and care to put together engaging and thoughtful presentations. 

victoria wallace blooloopLIVE

Here are just a few of the many, many things I did not know before blooloopLIVE:

  • The Natural History Museum is not all about, “Stuffed stuff”
  • That people joust. On segways. They call it Segway Jousting.
  • To adapt your brand strategy to appeal to 18-24 year olds simply add a few F***s!
  • JJ Rosa blooloopLIVEA “Weather hedge” is not a horticultural feature
  • Festina Lente – more haste, less speed – worked well for both Augustus Caesar and KidZania
  • Alton Towers’ personality is Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka
  • It is tough to sell an exhibit about Soil.
  • Without a narrative and brand, BeWILDerwood is just, “Sheds in trees”.
  • What a Hairy Angler Fish is.
  • Merlin Entertainments’ CDO used to be a bear. An unbranded bear.
  • You can grow Palm Trees in Chester
  • The Dog Collar Museum is the only one of its kind in Great Britain
  • The latest trend in camping is Medieval Glamping
  • “Stuffed Crufts” probably wouldn’t work as an exhibit
  • It is possible to experience beard envy
  • Ray Hole tastes buildings
  • It is really tough to sell an exhibit about Seaweed
  • Cross Jimi Hendrix with Prince and you get a red haired girl from Stockport

A fascinating and diverting day ended with a brilliant set from JJ Rosa,  many new friendships formed and three men with impressive beards dancing arm in arm.  

Thanks so much to everyone involved, from the speakers and committee to the UKTI team and al the delegates; your attendance and contribution to the day was massively appreciated.  We are already working on blooloopLIVE 2015 and look forward to seeing you then!

kieran stanley of dab pearlman and dave lascaut alton towers


All images above kind courtesy Picsolve, bar the “selfie” by Johnny Lyle. Here are further fantastic photos courtesy of Picsolve:  (login:, password: live2014)

Video from Katapult to follow.

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