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Leisure Expert Group

Leisure Expert Group specialises in the leisure industry in the broadest sense of the word.

Leisure Expert Group specialises in the leisure industry in the broadest sense of the word.

We focus on the design and production of spaces and identities in the leisure, festival and event industry. Leisure Expert Group is a true concept for anyone wishing to immerse their guests in another world.

The company is all about creating unique experiences. Irrespective of whether this involves building a new attraction, a festival, show, or adjusting an existing experience. Indoors or outdoors, large or small scale.

We are an expert in the leisure industry for:

  • Theme parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Festivals

There are four different areas of expertise within our group: Technical Design, Production, Stages & Festivals and Seasonal Events. Speed, expertise, ‘out of the box’ thinking and trust are the key elements which characterise the company. We know exactly how to strike the right chord and give dreams a stage as a result of our many years of experience and knowledge of the market. The Leisure Expert Group creates operational and financially successful experiences with an eye for detail.

Technical Experts

The Leisure Expert Group knows how to create the perfect atmosphere with its technical experts. Our technical activities range from AV and show control right through to a project’s complete project management.

The company has developed within the world of shows and attractions within the leisure industry. This means we understand how to create the perfect atmosphere better than anyone. An important part of this is the correct use of the technical elements.

We are an expert in the installation and programming of:

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • System design
  • Special effects
  • Projection

The realisation of a project starts with the design of a technical plan. We allow creativity to take the lead here, but we naturally take the choice of materials, location, feasibility and budget into account too.

The Leisure Expert Group always strives to programme and design a system in such a way that it’s easy to operate by the end user.

Design Experts

The word design says it all; this is a plan’s design phase. The Leisure Expert Group has proven itself in the development, theming and design of experiences over the past years. From a new amusement park, theming of a certain area, to the master planning of specific sites. The Leisure Expert Group will transform ideas into reality.

The Leisure Expert Group has proven itself as an expert in creating stories and experiences.

The design phase is the first step in the process towards a successful story. The Leisure Expert Group carefully listens to the customer’s requirements and needs. Our team of specialists will get to work as soon as the objective is clear. We will always strive for the most innovative and creative concepts. This will ensure the story is given both an identity and a face.

The Leisure Expert Group doesn’t dream, but thinks of the commercial success. An idea goes hand in hand with the marketability. Moodboards, storyboards and visuals are used to present the ideas.

Stage & Festival Experts

The experience is what distinguishes an event. The majority of this experience is brought about by the show’s right ambiance. The Leisure Expert Group functions as a partner for companies in the festival industry. Its spectrum of expertise and the link with the attraction industry allows the Leisure Expert Group to differentiate itself and bring each and every festival up to unique and sensational heights. The Leisure Expert Group enjoys a close working relationship with its customers, in order to arrive at the most convincing and creative concepts.

The Leisure Expert Group strives for the right mixture of stage design, story, lighting, sound, video and special effects. All these aspects will eventually come together in a total experience. They will always strive for the highest possible achievable, in order to allow the public to enjoy a unique experience.

The company has differentiated itself through its fast concept development with the use of creative designs. From master planning of the festival site to the sign on display at the toilets and literally everything in-between. What drives the Leisure Expert Group are key terms such as: experience, storytelling, reliability, service and a true passion for the profession.

Seasonal Experts

The Leisure Expert Group works for several prominent amusement and theme parks right across the world. The company has been a true concept within the area of designing, engineering and building haunted houses for Halloween horror nights for many years.

The company is responsible for more than 30 horror experiences in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Denmark. The ‘Take Away’ haunted house in Europa-Park was even given the ‘world’s best haunted house’ title in 2012.

The Leisure Expert Group has managed to prove itself as a Halloween expert year after year as a result of our team of designers and builders’ experience, unique approach and passion. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are literally left quaking in their boots every year when they visit the horrifying haunted houses during Halloween.

Entrepotdok 69A, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 85 401 1835


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Entrepotdok 69A, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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