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Arcade Game Legends Exhibition – Auction to Benefit American Cancer Society


Let the games begin: on September 21, two masters of the arcade universe, Hector Rodriguez and Paul Dean, will meet at Captain's Auction Warehouse for a very special event.

Each will put on a showcase of skill that few can equal. Rodriguez will attempt to break one of his own world records, while Dean will attempt a unique video game feat that most people can only imagine. In the meantime, a live and live online auction will help raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The auction and exhibition will be held at 11 am at 4421 East La Palma Avenue in Anaheim. 

Captain's Auction Warehouse"Our auctions are the largest of their kind. We frequently have in excess of 500 arcade games and other coin-operated machines for people to bid on, so auctions can run past the 10-hour mark, " explained Chris Campbell, owner and operator of Captain's Auction Warehouse. "By simulcasting the auctions live on the Internet, we're able to let the whole world participate. And speaking of participation, I want to invite the public to attend and help us raise money for a great cause—the American Cancer Society—all while enjoying a wonderful bit of video game nostalgia." 

From its base of operations in Anaheim, Captain's Auction Warehouse conducts live and live online auctions of classic, hard-to-find arcade games, pinball machines, jukeboxes and other coin-operated machines. The warehouse has enough inventory moving through that auctions are regularly held every six weeks. So far, Captain's has shipped games to 37 US states and 28 countries. In a fine example of old meets new, the warehouse welcomes bidders from around the world via its live online auctions. 

Beyond these regular auctions, Captain's Auction Warehouse is working to preserve a bit of 20th century technological history that has all but disappeared from public view. Video arcades are pretty much extinct, and old machines are typically destroyed rather than restored. Home computers and game consoles have monopolized the video game entertainment industry. Their incredible dominance shows no sign of slipping. Therefore, each machine sold at auction is a piece of functioning history saved from the dumpster.

The special guests at the upcoming auction have made careers out of breaking records thought to be unbreakable. Rodriguez has shattered over 10 world records on a variety of arcade games. In March 2011, he broke the previous record on the Nintendo classic Excitebike. Playing for 6 hours and 30 minutes, Rodriguez racked up an amazing 3, 644, 645 points. During the auction, he plans to break that record and do so in even less time. 

For his part, Dean is a specialist in "turning over" arcade games. In plain English, that means amassing so many points that the counter resets to zero. At the upcoming auction, he will attempt to turn over the game of Frenzy during a six-hour session. Dean is one of only two players in the world who have successfully achieved this feat. He's also a recognized champion and record holder in the area of "marathoning." Not for the faint-hearted, marathoning involves playing a game non-stop for many hours on end. Dean has sometimes played for 40-plus hours, with only the briefest of respites.

Both Dean and Rodriguez have seen their lives affected by cancer, so this weekend's event has particular meaning for them. Dean battled and overcame melanoma; Rodriguez lost his father to the disease. They are by no means alone. According to a Centers for Disease Control report, more than half a million people—1, 500 every day—died of cancer in 2009. The fight against this ravaging disease is far from over, but cutting-edge medical research may be on the brink of significant breakthroughs.

The American Cancer Society has for 100 years been at the forefront of innovative, lifesaving cancer research. As a nonprofit organization, ACS depends on the support and generous donations of people in communities across the nation.

Captain's Auction Warehouse is proud to helping such a worthwhile cause by donating a portion of the day's proceeds. Captain's will be making these contributions in each buyer's name. More information is available here:

About Captain's Auction Warehouse

Founded in 1999, Captain's Auction Warehouse conducts live and online auction of coin-operated amusement equipment. In addition, Captain's operates a full-time amusement and support equipment sales location and provides freight forwarding services.


Chris Campbell
phone: (714)-345-8211

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