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Cruden Supplies China’s First High Tech Racing Simulator Centre

China wants more integrated theme park resorts offering hi-tech experiences

Cruden, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of professional, interactive, motion-based racing simulators, has supplied simulators to the first high tech Formula 1 racing simulator centre in China.

The Huan Teng Technology (D2L) centre in Guangzhou is a high end private members’ club featuring eight Cruden Hexatech Formula Style race car simulators.  The 5000 sq m attraction, formerly a car dealership in one of the busiest streets in Guangzhou, has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation by partners Tian Dong and Ye Lin.  The result is a high tech Formula 1 racing attraction alongside other facilities including poker, pool, indoor golf, a sports bar, spa, restaurant and meeting rooms.

Cruden Supplies China’s First High Tech Racing Simulator Centre: Huan Teng Technology (DL2)

Dong, co-founder of Huan Teng Technology, explains that he was inspired to create the attraction in Guangzhou after seeing Cruden’s simulators at Vortex Racing in Montreal:

“I spent about half year researching which simulators to use, all over the world. I found the Cruden technology to be the closest product to real F1 cars. Their 6-DOF motion system is the most stable and other simulators from different suppliers were not competitive. As Cruden designs all aspects of the simulator in-house, we are already able to plan making a city race track of Guangzhou.  There is a huge market in China for this new type of business, driven by the new simulator technology.”

Commenting on the project, Frank Kalff, commercial director of Cruden, says, “We are really pleased to have Cruden’s first installation in China, and look forward to Huan Teng Technology’s customers’ reaction to an experience which is totally new to the market.  This installation is a demonstration of Cruden’s ability to design and theme a complete simulator area themed attraction, going beyond what might be expected of an equipment manufacturer.”

Cruden Supplies China’s First High Tech Racing Simulator Centre: Huan Teng Technology (DL2)

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