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Polin’s Futura Form presents new health solutions

Polin futura form disinfection

Futura Form, a Polin Group company, is now offering a range of products designed to safeguard general public health.

Futura Form, a Polin Group company, is pleased to announce that it has developed a range of alternative solutions for the health sector, as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. The company is an expert in production, design and project management services and has now used this experience to create a new range of products in a short amount of time.

To meet the needs that have arisen during the COVID-19 crisis, Futura Form is introducing its new Futura Form Sanitary brand of products, for example, negative pressure patient isolation cabinets. These provide an easy disinfection and sterilisation solution.

isolation cabin Futura Form Polin

Public health solutions

Futura Form’s medical cabin can quickly convert areas such as gyms or public halls to hospitals, to help relieve the pressure on hospitals. The design includes a negative pressure and filtration system as well as enough space for all the necessary patient equipment.

It has also developed disinfection tunnels and units, designed to get rid of bacteria and viruses carried by people as they enter buildings. These do not require an operator as the detecting of individuals and spraying is done via sensors. In addition to this, its disinfection cabins can be used to clean equipment and goods before they enter a building.

For those with suspected cases of COVID-19 or other diseases, it also provides an isolation cabin, where individuals can safely wait for medical attention in quarantine. This uses negative pressure and filtration system to prevent the diffusion of microorganisms to the outside.

UV Sterilisation Futura Form Polin

Furthermore, Futura Form has created a UV sterilisation box that can be used to disinfect items such as key chains, 3D glasses, ID cards and more. It also provides sample collection units to protect medical teams, shields to protect employees at kiosks and information desks, and disinfection liquids.

Polin Waterparks also recently announced the opening of a new ride, Fully 6, at the newly refurbished WhiteWater World.

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