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Putt Putt Fun Center Addition of BEAM Fits into Mission of Offering Lots of Fun at a Low Price


Putt Putt Fun Center Addition of EyePlay Fits into Mission of Offering Lots of Fun at a Low PriceJoe Aboid, the owner of Putt Putt Fun Center, chose to add BEAM to his facility in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

Putt Putt Fun Center has announced the installation of a BEAM system as an added attraction for guests.  This facility, located in Central Virginia, has entertained families for over 50 years with a wide variety of activities including 36 holes of putt putt golf.

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Putt Putt Fun Center provides visitors far more than just putt putt golf.  The other offerings include bumper cars and boats, an arcade, laser tag, go-karts and, as of 2014, the BEAM virtual playground.   BEAM allows kids to engage their whole bodies as they run, jump and play a large variety of fun and engaging games.  One of the facility’s specialties is hosting birthday parties.  They also boast the largest prize center in the region.

Putt Putt Fun Center Addition of EyePlay Fits into Mission of Offering Lots of Fun at a Low PriceBEAM is currently located near the entryway to Putt Putt Fun Center and is one of the first things that visitors see when they arrive.  Owner Joe Aboid explained, “It gives a welcome presence for customers.  Everyone plays on it and it is a great enhancement to our facility.”

One of the overall goals at the Putt Putt Fun Center is to encourage families to have a great deal of fun at a reasonable price.   Joe Aboid initially discovered BEAM at another Putt Putt Fun Center location.  He was attracted to the fact that it can consistently generate profits.  As Joe points out, “While it is not a income producer, it is a income generator.”

The center is mainly geared towards families with children age 5 and up.  However, they have noticed a wide range of ages are interested in BEAM.  For example, even college kids will use it while waiting for golf or bumper cars.

Joe adds, “The visitor reaction has been superb it has been universally watched and played.  The first thing a customer sees is the parking lot and the last.  That goes for BEAM also; it is the first thing they see and the last.   We want them to remember the great time.”

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