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Technifex announces launch of Technifex XR

Technifex XR

Technifex, a leader in live and simulated special effects and turnkey attractions, has announced the launch of a new entity, Technifex XR, providing immersive extended reality technology.

Monty Lunde, co-founder and CEO of Technifex, has founded Technifex XR, which will provide immersive extended reality technology for training and simulations, for military personnel and first responders, combining VR/AR with practical special effects.

Technifex already has more than 10 years of experience in designing practical training and simulation experiences. Technifex created an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) training simulator, commissioned by the Department of Defense, which included a physical Humvee on top of a 6DOF motion base, as well as a 270-degree wrap-around projection screen and many physical, lighting and audio special effects.

XR solutions for training

The company has also assisted the LA County Fire Department by providing technological solutions for its Hazmat training, bringing to life a gas tanker accident with real fire, explosions, steam and water.

“Technifex XR was formed to add value to society by enabling military personnel and first responders to become better prepared for the challenges they face on a daily basis,” says Lunde. “Developing training and simulation systems for government agencies is a natural off-shoot of the work Technifex’ brain trust of designers, engineers, and craftspeople do for the theme park and entertainment sectors.”

This entity, Technifex XR, is able to create virtual and practical situations that stimulate sight, sound, touch, smell and motion for a fully immersive training experience. One of its first innovations is the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) VR training environment which uses VR alongside special effects to make personnel feel like they are on the ground in a real war scenario.

The motion base replicates the shock waves of explosive blasts, vibration from heavy ground vehicles or overhead aircraft while authentic sights and sounds are communicated through the VR headset. The JTAC VR training environment can also simulate wind, rain, mist, heat blasts and other atmospheric effects.

It was designed by Technifex XR with input from expert military consultants and is versatile and highly visceral. The system is also portable and easy to set up, measuring just 20×30 feet. It also features monitors on the outside so spectators can watch and learn in real-time.

Technifex XR also has more XR innovations in the pipeline, such as a parachute freefall trainer and an ejection seat trainer.

Technifex celebrated 35 years in the business last year. During the last three and a half decades, it has produced shows and special effects for attractions around the world.

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