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Why is immersive the new watchword in entertainment?

Panasonic Connect Europe explores why putting the audience at the heart of the action is key


by Thomas Vertommen, Panasonic Connect Europe

Wherever you look, “immersive” seems to be the new watchword in location-based entertainment (LBE). So, what is all the fuss about? Whether it’s theme park attractions, museums or galleries and exhibition venues, putting your audience at the heart of the action is definitely the way forward.

Here are our top four reasons why:

The reasons behind the trend

It’s all about the memories

Spending on “doing” brings us more happiness than spending on “having”. This is according to research from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas. People are just happier when they spend on experiential purchases versus material ones.

The thrill of seeing something unexpected or new is an experience that stays long in the memory. Meanwhile, the perceived value of material goods weakens over time.

Panasonic artainment

This is especially true for younger generations and urban explorers, who value an experience over possessions. Even more so, if it is shareable in real life or on social media, as many of these immersive entertainment concepts are. This truth is bringing visitors flooding back to our theme parks, entertainment and cultural venues.

It’s big business

The global location-based entertainment market size was valued at USD 3.05 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.4% from 2021 to 2028, according to Grand View Research

That’s big business. Although these figures include a wide range of entertainment, from video games to theme parks, many of these immersive experiences will rely on the latest capabilities of projectors to create their immersive worlds.

It’s the basis for Art-and-Edu-tainment

Wandering quietly around art galleries and museums is a thing of the past. Audiences want to see their history brought to life in front of their eyes. They would rather become part of the masterpiece art installation than view it from afar or read about it from a long article printed on the wall.

panasonic immersive

The ability to make these experiences a reality through immersive projections is changing the way we see art and education. Artainment and edutainment are breathing new life into galleries and museums. Our next generation is used to interacting with technology and this immersive way of learning through entertainment is here to stay.

Mobile and repeat business

Although it’s called location-based entertainment, it doesn’t always have to stay in the same place. One of the great advantages of projected immersive entertainment experiences is the possibilities they bring for mobility and speed of set-up.

For example, we have seen immersive experiences that bring to life the art of Van Gogh tour across continents. These are making use of weird and wonderful spaces, such as disused newspaper print buildings, to bring new art experiences to people’s doorsteps.

The ability to quickly change the projected experience is also beneficial for permanent museums and art galleries. This means they can bring repeat visitors back to their venues time and time again by refreshing their immersive attractions.

For example, the immersive Impressionist painters’ exhibition at Prague Forum Karlin takes just 3-4 hours to install or remove. This uses 28 Panasonic Connect projectors to bring masterpieces to life across high walls and under the feet of visitors.

The next steps in immersive entertainment

Projectors are helping to create an incredible range of different immersive experiences.

Gaudi Dome Casa Batllo Panasonic
Casa Batlló

They have bought the genius imaginations of Gaudí’s mind to life at the Casa Batlló in Barcelona and intensified the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel with a 270° immersive experience in the show “Last Judgement: Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel.”

So, if you think your venue could benefit from an immersive experience installation, why not find out more from Panasonic Connect here.

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Thomas Vertommen

Thomas is Business Development Manager at Panasonic Connect Europe. He has worked with Panasonic Connect Europe for over 10 years and he is particularly interested in immersive experiences, digital art, themed entertainment and AV technology.

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