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Acclaimed Disney Veterans Share Storytelling Wisdom at AOA and TEA Event


An event hosted jointly by Acomb, Ostendorf & Associates (AOA) and the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) saw show designer/producer, Rick Rothschild & animation director/artist, George Scribner, offer their take on what makes a great themed experience.

The Disney veterans told an eager audience that the fundamentals of good storytelling remain unchanged and are the bedrock of success.

Between them, the two men have worked on some of the most celebrated Disney films and attractions of all time, joining forces on several projects including the Mickey’s PhilharMagic attraction at Walt Disney World.

George Scribner came to Walt Disney Feature Animation via smaller animation companies including Hannah Barbera and Ralph Bakshi. Among his many credits are 'Oliver and Company' and 'The Prince and the Pauper', the latter starring Mickey Mouse in a dual role. Scribner was keen to emphasise the importance of emotional buy-in from the audience, whether in a feature film or a themed entertainment venue.

Acclaimed Disney Veterans Share Storytelling Wisdom at AOA and TEA Event

Rick Rothschild, whose career began in the theatre, was encouraged to bring his unique skill-set to Walt Disney Imagineering. Today, he is recognised for his guidance on key Disney attractions such as The American Adventure, Captain EO, Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Soarin’ and his consultancy work on projects such as the Chimelong parks in China and the award-winning Flyover Canada attraction in Vancouver.

Commenting on the expanding international market, he said that many companies fall short on story and imagination because they rush into opening a park before they've found a vision for it.

Acclaimed Disney Veterans Share Storytelling Wisdom at AOA and TEA Event

‘The Art & Science of Storytelling’ event, part of the TEA NextGen Event series, was held as part of a grand opening celebration of AOA's new premises at 906 Railroad Avenue in Winter Park.

Innovative themed entertainment company, AOA, has created and delivered landmark experiences for numerous clients including Universal Studios, the Orlando EYE and Legoland.

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