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Agenda for blooloopLIVE London 2015 – Book Now!


We are delighted to be able to release the agenda and programme for blooloopLIVE London 2015.  

Follow this link to get full details including timings, full speaker bios and other practical information:



Our blooloopLIVE London 2015 programme focuses on engagement. All visitor attractions, from museums and zoos to theme parks and botanical gardens have a common aim; they are in the business of creating experiences for their visitors.  Whether these experiences are purely about entertainment, education or a mixture of both the challenge for the attraction remains the same – to engage with each individual guest and to ensure that their day at the attraction is a memorable one.

Our day is divided into four sessions looking at difference aspects of engagement – Brands, Technology, People and Strategy.

access s;ponsor bloolooplive london 2015BRANDS

Brands and Intellectual Property (IP) are increasingly important in the field of visitor attractions. Working with popular and recognizable characters and organizations can be a highly successful way of connecting with visitors. From Harry Potter, David Bowie and Wallace & Gromit, to Guinness and Heineken, iconic names have been instrumental in creating significant boosts in attendance as well as creating destinations in their own right.

Identifying and then articulating the appropriate brand, finding the emotional connection that resonates with the customer and then developing the right brand experience for the attraction are all challenges in themselves.  

Our speakers for BRANDS are:

Bob Rogers BRC Imagination Arts blooloopLIVE london 2015Kieran Stanley dan pearlman blooloopLIVE london 2015Sean Clarke Aardman blooloopLIVE London 2015

BOB ROGERS, Founder & Chairman BRC Imagination Arts
Finding the Emotional Connection

KIERAN STANLEY, Founder, CEO &CD dan pearlman
Articulating Brands in Zoos

SEAN CLARKE, Head of Aardman Rights & Brand Development
The IP Holder's Perspective

InfoComm sponsor blooloopLIVE london 2015TECHNOLOGY

With the continued development of the internet, mobile and computer technology visitors are sophisticated users of technology and their expectations are hjgher than ever.  Attractions must adapt and evolve.  The key is not just adding a high-tech layer to an attraction but in understanding how the technology can truly enhance the exhibit or story and add value to the visitor experience.

Our speakers for TECHNOLOGY are:

Kati Price V&A blooloopLIVE london 2015Chris Michaels British Museum BlooloopLIVE london 2015Tony Guillan Tate blooloopLIVE london 2015Adam Clarke blooloopLIVE London 2015Coletter Hillier talking statues blooloopLIVE london 2015

KATI PRICE, Head of Digital Media, V&A
Digital Strategy and the V&A

CHRIS MICHAELS, Head of Digital & Publishing, The British Museum
Digital Strategy at the British Museum

TONY GUILLAN, Multimedia Producer, Tate Media, & ADAM CLARKE, Lead Artist and Project Manager on Tate Worlds

COLETTE HILLIER, Artistic Director, Sing London
Talking Statues

WhiteWater sponsor blooloopLIVE london 2015PEOPLE

Engaging with the visitor is important but equally vital is the internal communication within an organization.  

An attraction is a brand in itself and has a message and a corporate profile to adhere to and to communicate. How can team members become brand ambassadors?  How can we create a splash but retain control of our brand on Twitter?

Articulating an organisation’s values can be incredibly powerful if it captures the essence of what the business is really about and resonates throughout the team.  Effective staff engagement with corporate strategy is the goal.  Merlin and Butlins – both ranked in the top 15 Sunday Times Best Big Companies to Work – are on hand to give some insights into creating a happy and effective workforce.

David Scneider twitter guardian blooloopLIVE London 2015Tea Colaianni Merlin blooloopLIVE london 2015Mike Godolphin Butlins blooloopLIVE london 2015Drew Stevens-King Butlins blooloopLIVE london 2015

DAVID SCHNEIDER, Guardian columnist and broadcaster and expert Tweeter
Twitter Masterclass

TEA COLAIANNI, Group HR Director Merlin Entertainments
The Merlin Way

MIKE GODOLPHIN, Head of Entertainment Bourne Leisure, & DREW STEVENS-KING, Butlins Head of Cultural Development
Butlins’ Cultural Journey

Electrosonic sponsor blooloopLIVE 2015STRATEGY

In our final session we talk strategy and hear from Doug Allan, award winning wildlife film maker, about the challenges, successes and strategies learned from his 30 year career filming in the harshest environments on Earth.  We will then hear from Gay Coley (Kew Gardens and formerly the Eden Project) and Juliana Delaney (Continuum) about their strategies and lessons learned.

Our STRATEGY speakers are:

Doug Allan blooloopLIVE London 2015Gay Coley Kew blooloopLIVE London 2015Juliana Delaney Continuum blooloopLIVE 2015

DOUG ALLAN, Award- winning natural history photographer, documentary film maker, diver and author
Extraordinary Filming Challenges and Successes

GAY COLEY, Director of Public Programmes, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

JULIANA DELANEY, CEO Continuum Attractions


JJ Rosa blooloopLIVE london 2015

Our evening party, sponsored by Gateway Ticketing UK includes food, drink and live entertainment from JJ Rosa.  The location – Davy's at St James's – is a 10 minute walk from the UKTI at Crown Passage, Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 6QY.

blooloopLIVE london 2015

Don’t miss out.  Book now!

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